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send 1

v. sent (sĕnt), send·ing, sends
1. To cause to be conveyed by an intermediary to a destination: send goods by plane.
2. To dispatch, as by a communications medium: send a message by radio.
a. To direct to go on a mission: sent troops into the Middle East.
b. To require or enable to go: sent her children to college.
c. To direct (a person) to a source of information; refer: sent the student to the reference section of the library.
a. To give off (heat, for example); emit or issue: a stove that sends forth great warmth.
b. To utter or otherwise emit (sound): sent forth a cry of pain.
5. To hit so as to direct or propel with force; drive: The batter sent the ball to left field. The slap on my back sent me staggering.
6. To cause to take place or occur: We will meet whatever vicissitudes fate may send.
a. To put or drive into a given state or condition: horrifying news that sent them into a panic.
b. Slang To transport with delight; carry away: That music really sends me.
1. To dispatch someone to do an errand or convey a message: Let's send out for hamburgers.
2. To dispatch a request or order, especially by mail: send away for a new catalogue.
3. To transmit a message or messages: The radio operator was still sending when the ship went down.
Phrasal Verbs:
send down Chiefly British
To suspend or dismiss from a university.
send for
To request to come by means of a message or messenger; summon.
send in
1. To cause to arrive or to be delivered to the recipient: Let's send in a letter of protest.
2. Sports To put (a player) into or back into a game or contest: The coach is sending in the kicker.
3. To cause (someone) to arrive in or become involved in a particular place or situation: The commander sent in the sappers. It's time to send in the lawyers.
send off
Sports To eject (a player), as from a soccer game, especially for a flagrant violation of the rules.
send up Informal
1. To send to jail: was sent up for 20 years.
2. To make a parody of: "grandiloquently eccentric but witty verbiage ... that would send up the nastiness of suburban London" (New York).
send flying Informal
To cause to be knocked or scattered about with force: a blow to the table that sent the dishes flying.
send packing
To dismiss (someone) abruptly.

[Middle English senden, from Old English sendan; see sent- in Indo-European roots.]

send′er n.
Synonyms: send1, dispatch, forward, route, ship, transmit
These verbs mean to cause to go or be taken to a destination: sent the package by parcel post; dispatched a union representative to the factory; forwards the mail to their new address; routed the soldiers through New York; shipped his books to his dormitory; transmits money by cable.

send 2

v. & n. Nautical
Variant of scend.

send up

vb (tr, adverb)
1. slang to send to prison
2. informal Brit to make fun of, esp by doing an imitation or parody of: he sent up the teacher marvellously.
informal Brit a parody or imitation
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1. To cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination:
2. To direct or allow to leave.Also used with away:
Idioms: send about one's business, send packing, show someone the door.
3. To direct (a person) elsewhere for help or information:
4. Slang. To move or excite greatly:
phrasal verb
send for
To demand to appear, come, or assemble:
phrasal verb
send forth
To discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently:
phrasal verb
send up
Informal. To place officially in confinement:

w>send up

vt sep
rockethochschießen; balloonsteigen lassen; flarein die Luft schießen; I sent up a prayer of thanksich habe ein Dankgebet zum Himmel geschickt
prices, temperaturehochtreiben, in die Höhe treiben; pressuresteigen lassen
(= destroy)in die Luft gehen lassen; to send something up in flamesetw in Flammen aufgehen lassen
(Brit inf: = satirize) → verulken (inf)
(US inf: = send to prison) → hinter Gitter bringen (inf)
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Jane has the Bardot-caliber comedic flair to send up sexuality rather titan simply undergo it.
His popular appeal attracted a new generation of film-makers who asked him to send up his tough guy roles in films such as Young Guns (1990), Hudson Hawk (1991), Sister Act II (1993) and Maverick (1994).
There are musical numbers that send up Gene Kelly and Jay-Z, homages to Chaplin, Lecter and Godzilla and the most creative use of celebrity cameos in recent memory.