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n. Informal
A reduction of academic focus or worsening of academic performance characteristic of some high-school seniors, especially after acceptance into college.
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5) senioritis 'the pattern of reduced studying and effort as well as decreased motivation that accompanies a senior year of studies' massmerchanditis 'the hazy feeling one gets after spending too much time shopping at large chain stores'
WORCESTER -- Bancroft School juniors and seniors hear a cautionary tale about a former student who was accepted to the college of his choice but then bragged injudiciously about senioritis on his college's admitted students' Facebook group.
Later on, in part to combat senioritis, we condensed the yearlong, three-term project to two terms.
Janice Dreis and Larry Rehage, educators for more than 30 years, started noticing the problem of senioritis as guidance counselors at New Trier Township High School in Winnetka, III.
I think they call it Senioritis, wanting nothing to change, being terrified of the future.
My oldest, now a dean's list college student, suffered a mild case of senioritis toward the end of high school.
Given the prevalence of senioritis in American schools (Conley, 2001; Kirst, 2001) and the phenomenon of highly motivated students "doing school" (Pope, 2001), one might not expect to find IB seniors engaged in their extended essays; however, anecdotal evidence and engagement theory suggest otherwise.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - North Hollywood High school senior Murtaza Saifee is just weeks away from graduation, and after receiving acceptance letters from Yale, Caltech and UC Berkeley, the teen could be relaxing or even catching a good case of senioritis.
This last quarter was probably the hardest one, seeing that I only had one class and I was going through senioritis and workouts and stuff like that.
In its article, "What to Do About Senioritis," the College Board advises seniors to continue taking rigorous courses in their senior year.
The seniors seemed to be afflicted with senioritis from the onset of the school year and were inhibitors of progress rather than contributors to the reform efforts.
It was a wonderful getaway for a kid with senioritis, and there I discovered machinery.