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 (sĕn′sāt′) also sen·sat·ed (-sā′tĭd)
1. Perceived by a sense or the senses.
2. Having physical sensation.

[Middle English sensat, from Late Latin sēnsātus, gifted with sense, from Latin sēnsus, sense; see sense.]

sen′sate′ly adv.


1. perceived by the senses
2. (Physiology) obsolete having the power of sensation
[C16: from Late Latin sensātus endowed with sense, from Latin sensus sense]
ˈsensately adv


(ˈsɛn seɪt)

perceiving or perceived through the senses.
[1490–1500; < Late Latin sēnsātus having intelligence]
sen′sate•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.sensate - having physical sensation; "sensate creatures"
sentient, animate - endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness; "the living knew themselves just sentient puppets on God's stage"- T.E.Lawrence
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Charting racial disproportionality at every level of the juvenile justice system--surveillance, arrest, removal from home, conviction, and sentencing--clearly shows that youth of color do not have the same access to innocence and are not understood as sensate in the same way that white youth are.
As late as the Renaissance, it was still possible to believe that language could enclose within its bounds the sum of human experience, at least human sensate experience.
Here Obelkevich has a refreshingly prescriptive solution, whereby more exhibitions, and especially their catalogues 'should be a joint affair, with a historian of art collaborating with a historian of religion'--plus, one is tempted to add, an aesthetically sensate theologian.
Physeal fractures are due to repetitive stress fractures in a poorly sensate limb and, similar to Charcot arthropathy, require long-term orthotic splinting after the initial cast immobilisation.
DEAR Editor, Banning certain slaughter methods in which cows and other animals have their throats slit while still sensate is a good step.
As Murray Greene usefully notes, like Kant, Hegel takes it for granted that possession and employment of concepts is a necessary condition for discursive self-consciousness and apperceptive identity over time, but beyond Kant, Hegel undertakes to describe how concepts, including the Kantian categories, are actually developed within a course of initially sensate, emergently rational life, hence to trace, as Greene puts it, "the emergence of a thinking ego as a sublation of feeling subjectivity.
Whatever your abilities, if you are alive and sensate, the parks will make you whole in a way manmade aids and entertainments cannot.
This resurrection narrative calls us to see, touch, and experience faith in ways that are embodied, yet able to transcend our sensate experiences.
Bilateral neurotized anterolateral thigh (ALT) flaps were used to achieve a sensate and aesthetically acceptable result.
But the desire for goods may also be frustrated, resulting in a drive back into tradition and action based on ultimate values, which could in turn generate a head-on clash with the sensate modern societies of category 4.
views Richard Rolle as a highly sensate, somatic, affective mystic who is almost excessive in writing about his own experiences and his claim to mystical authority.
Her 14-year-old son Connor was also pictured unconscious in hospital and fighting for life this week after he collapsed while smoking legal high Sensate, bought in Southampton.