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n. pl. sen·si·bil·i·ties
1. The ability to perceive stimuli: lost sensibility in a toe.
2. often sensibilities
a. Mental or emotional responsiveness, especially in being offended or in having one's feelings hurt: "The earthy humor of many of the ballads deeply offended her sensibilities" (Anne Stott).
b. The capacity to respond intelligently to refined emotions, especially in art: "They celebrated deeds that fit stereotyped images of noble valor, making the writing flat and tedious to modern sensibilities" (David A. Bell).
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[ˌsɛnsɪˈbɪlɪtɪz] npl (frm) → suscettibilità fsg


(sensiˈbiləti) noun
an awareness of, or an ability to create, art, literature etc showing very high standards of beauty and good taste. a writer of great sensibility.
ˌsensiˈbilities noun plural
feelings that can be easily hurt by criticism etc. Do try not to offend her sensibilities.
References in classic literature ?
I have to thank these pages for awakening the finest sensibilities in my nature--nothing more.
The sensibilities of the class you are attacking are soon blunted.
The late licensed victualler's humiliation at having such a very peculiar boy for a son manifested itself by a propensity to brutal treatment; for he was a person of fine sensibilities, and his sufferings as a man and a father were perfectly genuine.
It can only be done, I am convinced, by somebody having a great deal of the child in his own outlook and sensibilities.
Additionally we learn that sense and sensibility are not opposed; the real distinction here is between social and selfish sensibilities.
While J J Valaya stuck to his signature 'larger-than-life' impression along with his Moroccan theme, designer sisters Gauri and Nainika chose to stick to their clean and straight lines sensibilities.
She also shows that the culture no longer has a language adequate to differentiate between the genders when "sentimentality" becomes a universal ideal, no language rigorous enough to articulate an essential difference between masculine and feminine sensibilities.
And for some reason (concern for elderly academy voters' delicate sensibilities would be my best guess), Noyce presents both Chamusso's brutalization and later suspense sequences in an overly discreet manner.
Yet, this confluence of opposites, this apparent mismatch of sensibilities, blazed its way into the history books.
I rather believe that the shock of the disaster had completely numbed our sensibilities.
The new middle-class sensibilities that Disney exploited were much more evident in the United States than in Britain.
I suspected that my own sensibilities and those of this year's guest editor, JT LeRoy, were not a perfect match when the first two sentences of his introduction included three pop music references that were to tally obscure to me.