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Noun1.sensitisation - the state of being sensitive (as to an antigen)
irritation - (pathology) abnormal sensitivity to stimulation; "any food produced irritation of the stomach"
predisposition, sensitivity - susceptibility to a pathogen
2.sensitisation - (psychology) the process of becoming highly sensitive to specific events or situations (especially emotional events or situations)
physical process, process - a sustained phenomenon or one marked by gradual changes through a series of states; "events now in process"; "the process of calcification begins later for boys than for girls"
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
3.sensitisation - rendering an organism sensitive to a serum by a series of injections
immunisation, immunization - the act of making immune (especially by inoculation)
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Despite the court judgment on sensitisation of Gulistan, the ECP's new delimitation of PB 12 can cause tribal rifts, endangering the lives of the people of the area,' said Engineer Zamrak Khan Achakzai while addressing a news conference at the Quetta Press Club.
Some stakeholders commended INEC on the sensitisation programme which they described as a step in the right direction and a show of concern and love.
Uasin Gishu is yet to fully enforce the ban on plastic bags because sensitisation must be completed.
The abioSCOPE platform tests sensitisation to common respiratory allergies by testing them directly from a single drop of blood.
2-7] Epicutaneous sensitisation to aeroallergens has been thought to be responsible, with subsequent migration of sensitised T cells into the nose and airways, causing upper and lower airway disease.
Updating the skin sensitisation in vitro data assessment paradigm in 2009.
Daily food intake and activity in familiar environment were monitored to observe the anorexic effects and behavioural sensitisation after apomorphine administration.
TAP) - The Tunisian soccer will take part in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) through numerous actions and sensitisation messages, the Tunisian Soccer Federation announced.
Under the MoU, the NCCE was to conduct community sensitisation on the supplementary voter registration in the rural areas in order to prepare for the upcoming electoral cycle.
While we give a great deal of importance to analytics and decision-making tools, we have also felt that we should include things like social sensitisation, personal growth and team building as three major areas of training for a student," says Dr Rosemary Varghese, Associate Professor and Assistant PGP Chairperson (Administration).
JAWAHARLAL Nehru University Students' Union ( JNUSU) president and joint secretary have received flak from all quarters after they said that they will resign from their posts if a sexual harassment complaint against them by a female student is taken up by the University's gender sensitisation committee.
The project inception and sensitisation meeting of 'Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation: Build Safe and Resilient Communities' project was held at Zohir Rayhan Cultural Centre at Gendaria in the city.