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The patterns of positive selection across mammalian, avian and aquatic vertebrate genomes show that sensory receptor genes are highly conserved.
This volume contains 12 chapters and a short communication on developmental gene expression regulation, with specific topics encompassing early developmental gene expression in vertebrates, regulating genes to modulate aging, sensory receptor gene regulation, inner ear cells, growth factors, estrogen function, neurosecretory cells, temporal patterns of gene expression in embryos, and brain-sex differentiation.
The title refers to a sensory receptor found in muscles, tendons, and the ear which prevents destabilization, while the composition suggests a three-dimensional version of Piet Mondrian's paintings from the early to mid-1910s, such as Ocean 5, 1915.
However, in the presence of pro-oxidant chemical agents, we demonstrated that even mild noise can yield oxidative stress leading to the death of sensory receptor cells for sound, the outer hair cells, and subsequent permanent impairment of auditory function (Fechter et al.
The problem lies in the sensory receptor mechanism in the muscles of the ankle, which adjusts the position of the foot on the ground to maintain balance.
The sensory receptor cells in the inner ear are nourished by the mineral zinc, beta-carotene, and vitamin A.
Rauschecker said: "Like phantom pain, the firing of central neurons in the brain continues to convey perceptual experiences, even though the corresponding sensory receptor cells have been destroyed.
However startling that version of Finding Nemo might be to Homo sapiens audiences, dozens of other species, including plenty of coral-reef fish, shrimp, and shellfish, wouldn't blink a sensory receptor.
The identification of a novel sensory receptor on human sperm, along with compounds that trigger it or block its action, constitute a "landmark event," says Donner F.