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 (sĕp′ər-ə-bəl, sĕp′rə-)
Possible to separate: separable sheets of paper.

sep′a·ra·bil′i·ty n.
sep′a·ra·bly adv.
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Noun1.separability - the capability of being separated
disconnectedness, disconnection, disjunction, disjuncture - state of being disconnected


nTrennbarkeit f
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Simar and Wilson (2011:207) say that by separability they 'mean that the support of the output variables does not depend on the environmental variables in Z' where Z refers to environmental covariates.
This is the case in a binary treatment effect model where scalar unobserved heterogeneity and additive separability of the index in the selection equation are equivalent to the restrictive monotonicity assumption.
The major motivation of this paper was to propose an approximation scheme which--as will be shown--meets all well-known properties of convexity and separability of the MMA.
In fact, such a representation may conflict with the goal of classification, generating a time-frequency representations (TFR) that maximizes the separability of TFRs from different classes.
The classes are defined according to the whole range of variables, resolution of the variations as requested and the possible separability of the variables in the measurement process.
Each ROI classes were calculated using the Jeffries-Matusita and transformed to divergence measures to determine the level of separability exists among each object class.
On the other hand, simply adding short-chain components like acetic acid improves precipitation separability but produces undesirable physical properties in the resin, such as insufficient thermoplasticity and water resistance.
Topics include the nature of legal authority; the regulation of speech; the legal theories underlying bans of polygamy; Ronald Dworkin's and Nigel Simmonds's challenges to legal positivism; Joseph Raz's treatments of theories of law, separability and necessity, and laws normativity; universalism and particularism as different approaches to understanding legal reasons; natural law and the relationship between crimes and wrongs; a non-instrumental value of rights derived from their constitutive role in a universal form of community; a novel theory for the justification of group rights; justification of imprisonment in the theory of punishment; and the communicative theory of punishment of Antony Duff.
LDA or FDA attempts to preserve the separability within classes as much as possible and has good discriminant performance.
The separability of regarding something as unjustified and regretting it on balance is illustrated with the example of a broken promise that coincidentally saves a life.
The Renaissance art of rhetoric presumes the separability of meaning and expression, or res and verba, whereby figuration constitutes a secondary operation on a prior thought.