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1. An indigenous soldier serving in the army of a foreign conqueror, especially an Indian soldier serving under British command in India.
a. The lowest enlisted rank in the British Indian army and its successors, equivalent to private.
b. One holding this rank.

[From obsolete Portuguese sipae (modern Portuguese sepaio), from Urdu sipāhī, from Persian, cavalryman, from sipāh, army, from Middle Persian spāh, ultimately (via borrowing from another Middle Iranian language) from Old Iranian *spāda- (attested in Avestan spāda-), probably originally meaning "company, host" and akin to Old Church Slavonic spodŭ, group of people who sit together at a meal.]


1. (Historical Terms) (formerly) an Indian soldier in the service of the British
2. (Military) (formerly) an Indian soldier in the service of the British
[C18: from Portuguese sipaio, from Urdu sipāhī, from Persian: horseman, from sipāh army]


(ˈsi pɔɪ)

(in colonial India) an Indian soldier in British service.
[1710–20; variant of sipahi < Urdu < Persian sipāhī horseman, soldier]


[ˈsiːpɔɪ] Ncipayo m


nSepoy m
References in classic literature ?
I see the sickening wall of weapons now; I see that advancing host as I saw it then, I see the hate in those cruel eyes; I remember how I drooped my head upon my breast, I feel again the sudden earthquake shock in my rear, administered by the very ram I was sacrificing myself to save; I hear once more the typhoon of laughter that burst from the assaulting column as I clove it from van to rear like a Sepoy shot from a Rodman gun.
Among the passengers was a number of officials and military officers of various grades, the latter being either attached to the regular British forces or commanding the Sepoy troops, and receiving high salaries ever since the central government has assumed the powers of the East India Company: for the sub-lieutenants get 280 pounds, brigadiers, 2,400 pounds, and generals of divisions, 4,000 pounds.
Yea, and with most outrageously shameless ones,' said the wife, scowling at the Amritzar girl making eyes at the young sepoy.
There was need,' said the young sepoy drily, and the travellers' laugh turned against the banker.
When the troubles broke out he would be friends both with the lion and the tiger,--with the Sepoy and with the Company's Raj.
A little further up the road Dawson himself was lying on his face, quite dead, with an empty revolver in his hand and four Sepoys lying across each other in front of him.
If our door were in the hands of the Sepoys the place must fall,and the women and children be treated as they were in Cawnpore.
As it was, Smart Missile might have struggled to topple Sepoy, who settled the matter under Kerrin McEvoy with a decisive turn of foot to become the first horse since Coutza in 1989 to pull off the Blue Diamond and Golden Slipper double.
In the same year, in another case of fratricide, Sepoy Ritender opened fire on his fellow colleague Sepoy Mukesh Tiwari at Rashtriya Rifles Unit in border belt of Kala in Nowshera sector of Rajouri district, killing him on the spot.
The deceased policemen have been identified as sub-inspector Tajammul Khan and Sepoy Ibrar.
SHEIKH MOHAMMED'S Darley operation landed the world's richest two-year-old race when hot favourite Sepoy ran out the dominant winner of the Golden Slipper at Rosehill in Sydney, writes Nicholas Godfrey.
The injured have been identified as Major G S Shekhawat, Naik Narendra Kumar and Sepoy Bhanu Pratap.