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n. pl. sep·te·nar·i·i (-ē-ī′)
A Latin verse used only in comedy and consisting of seven feet, especially a catalectic iambic or trochaic tetrameter.

[Latin septēnārius, of seven, from septēnī, seven each, from septem, seven; see septennial.]


any line of verse containing seven metrical feet
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Brothers takes the change of meter after line 397, from trochaic septenarii to iambic octonarii, to indicate an insertion because this change, as he sees it, serves no dramatic function.
The entrance of Bacchis and Antiphila from the other side of the stage is marked by a change of the meter to trochaic septenarii (381).
35 On the general character of iambic octonarii in contrast to trochaic septenarii see Klotz, Grundzuge altromischer Metrik 459-60.