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1. Following in order or time; subsequent.
2. Following as a result; consequent.
A result; a consequence.

[Latin sequēns, sequent-, present participle of sequī, to follow; see sequence.]


1. following in order or succession
2. following as a result; consequent
3. something that follows; consequence
4. (Logic) logic a formal representation of an argument. The inference of A from A & B is written A & BA. The sequent ⊢ A represents the derivation of A from no assumptions and thus indicates that A is a theorem
[C16: from Latin sequēns, from sequī to follow]
ˈsequently adv


(ˈsi kwənt)

1. following; successive.
2. characterized by continuous succession; consecutive.
[1550–60; < Latin sequent-, s. of sequēns, present participle of sequī to follow; see -ent]
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Adj.1.sequent - in regular succession without gaps; "serial concerts"
ordered - having a systematic arrangement; especially having elements succeeding in order according to rule; "an ordered sequence"
2.sequent - following or accompanying as a consequence; "an excessive growth of bureaucracy, with attendant problems"; "snags incidental to the changeover in management"; "attendant circumstances"; "the period of tension and consequent need for military preparedness"; "the ensuant response to his appeal"; "the resultant savings were considerable"
subsequent - following in time or order; "subsequent developments"


Following one after another in an orderly pattern:
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This is only a record of broken and apparently unrelated memories, some of them as distinct and sequent as brilliant beads upon a thread, others remote and strange, having the character of crimson dreams with interspaces blank and black--witch-fires glowing still and red in a great desolation.
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