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Plural of sequestrum.
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However, she was referred to our hospital for a further opinion, and otoscopy revealed erosions in the posterior and inferior aspects of EAC that contained bony debris and sequestra.
In addition, sequestra formation (6) and spontaneous fracture (7) were evaluated for each femur as a whole and were awarded a score of 0 - absent or 1 - present.
They are classified as 'endogenous' when they formed around normal body material such as blood clots, misplaced tooth remnants or bony sequestra.
5) Depending upon the etiology, patients may present with percussion-induced pain, loosening of teeth, sequestra, and mobility of fractured segments.
BRACCI, II sequestra conservativo del'<<universitas>>: problemi concernenti, Giuffre, Milano 1966, 1-42.
A reducao da transferrina frente a processos inflamatorios representa um mecanismo de defesa do organismo, considerando que essa proteina sequestra ions ferricos que podem servir como substrato para diversos microrganismos (MURATA et al.
The histology of biological samples should be carried out in all suspect cases, and bone biopsy, soft tissue, and bone sequestra can confirm the diagnosis of osteomyelitis.
Broad spectrum antibiotics are effective against the usual pathogens in chronic osteomyelitis of the diabetic jaw and are used before the culture results in acute osteomyelitis but chronic type cannot be cured with antimicrobial therapy alone as this alone is in- effective because the infected bone sequestra have no blood supply.
Inter oves locum praesta Entra las ovejas un lugar me presta, et ab haedis me sequestra de las negras me secuestra statuens in parte dextra.
The current indications for surgical intervention are to obtain histologic material for diagnosis, drainage of a subperiosteal abscess, removal of sequestra and, according to some authors, decompression of the facial nerve.
Radiographs in chronic OM document deformed bone, often with thick, undulating cortices, and bony sequestra entrapped by lucencies indicative of fibrous tissue and or pus.