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1. (Classical Music) an 18th-century cantata, often dramatic in form
2. (Music, other) another word for serenade
[C18: from Italian; see serenade]


(ˌsɛr əˈnɑ tə)

n., pl. -tas, -te (-tā).
a form of secular cantata, often of a dramatic or imaginative character.
[1715–25; < Italian serenata evening song =seren(o) serene + -ata n. suffix, associated with sera evening; compare soiree]
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The Youth Performing Arts and Services (YPAS) and Order of the Discalced Augustinians (OAD) are all set for the Serenata a choral concert on November 19, 2016 at the OAD Formation House in Villa Paraiso, Brgy.
On the bill to play are Hudderseld Choral Society Junior Choir, Serenata, Colne Valley Male Voice Choir and Hope Bank Youth Band.
The property, located in Serenata at The Hills on Lake Mead and Hill Center in Summerlin Las Vegas, 89134 was originally placed on the Las Vegas Real Estate Market for $270,000.
45pm) with 'Upstairs, Downstairs', an entertainment exploring highways and byways of musical taste devised by flautist and passionate social historian Gabrielle Byam-Grounds and featuring the English Serenata and celebrity narrators from the Royal Shakespeare Company.
John Lewis and Serenata Flowers, both at pounds 30 with free delivery, came joint top in the survey.
Algunas de esas canciones se olvidaron, pero muchas otras son parte de la identidad nacional: Serenata tapatia, Traigo un amor, Noche plateada, A la orilla del mar, No volvere, Tequila con limon, Fiesta mexicana, Amorcito corazon, Maldita sea mi suerte, Flor de Azalea.
Quiza le llevo serenata y le canto: "Mexico lindo y querido".
But for starters, the topography was barely undulating: The Serenata Notturna with its lovely inner string quartet' the concertante setting first violin (recently appointed co-leader Thelma Handy) against viola (returning former principal David Greenlees).
Standouts include the title track Exodo Boricua, the plena Filomeno, Serenata del Coqui, and the son/jibaro Contando Las Horas.
The Heath Quartet, from the Royal Northern College of Music, are at Leek Wootton near Kenilworth on June 12, The Bronte Quartet come to Over Whitacre near Coleshill on June 18 and the series concludes at Snitterfield on June 19 with a recital by Serenata Winds.
Bryn's performance ranged from an exquisite and delicate Brenin y SEr, Y Bwthyn ar y Bryn and Suo Gen to a soulful Chanson de L'Adieu and seductive La Serenata by Tosti.
with `A Night in Brazil,' featuring the groups Serenata and Macaco Velho.