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tr.v. se·ri·al·ized, se·ri·al·iz·ing, se·ri·al·iz·es
To write or publish in serial form.

se′ri·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈsɪərɪəˌlaɪz) or


(tr) to publish or present in the form of a serial
ˌserialiˈzation, ˌserialiˈsation n


(ˈsɪər i əˌlaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to create, publish, release, or broadcast in serial form.
se`ri•al•i•za′tion, n.


Past participle: serialized
Gerund: serializing

I serialize
you serialize
he/she/it serializes
we serialize
you serialize
they serialize
I serialized
you serialized
he/she/it serialized
we serialized
you serialized
they serialized
Present Continuous
I am serializing
you are serializing
he/she/it is serializing
we are serializing
you are serializing
they are serializing
Present Perfect
I have serialized
you have serialized
he/she/it has serialized
we have serialized
you have serialized
they have serialized
Past Continuous
I was serializing
you were serializing
he/she/it was serializing
we were serializing
you were serializing
they were serializing
Past Perfect
I had serialized
you had serialized
he/she/it had serialized
we had serialized
you had serialized
they had serialized
I will serialize
you will serialize
he/she/it will serialize
we will serialize
you will serialize
they will serialize
Future Perfect
I will have serialized
you will have serialized
he/she/it will have serialized
we will have serialized
you will have serialized
they will have serialized
Future Continuous
I will be serializing
you will be serializing
he/she/it will be serializing
we will be serializing
you will be serializing
they will be serializing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been serializing
you have been serializing
he/she/it has been serializing
we have been serializing
you have been serializing
they have been serializing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been serializing
you will have been serializing
he/she/it will have been serializing
we will have been serializing
you will have been serializing
they will have been serializing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been serializing
you had been serializing
he/she/it had been serializing
we had been serializing
you had been serializing
they had been serializing
I would serialize
you would serialize
he/she/it would serialize
we would serialize
you would serialize
they would serialize
Past Conditional
I would have serialized
you would have serialized
he/she/it would have serialized
we would have serialized
you would have serialized
they would have serialized
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.serialize - arrange serially; "Serialize the numbers"
arrange, set up - put into a proper or systematic order; "arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order"
vydat/vysílat na pokračování
folytatásokban közöl
birta sem framhaldssögu
vydať/vysielať na pokračovanie
dizi hâlinde yayınlamak


[ˈsɪərɪəlaɪz] VT (= publish) → publicar por entregas; (= show on TV) → televisar por entregas
it has been serialized in the papersha aparecido en una serie de entregas en los periódicos


[ˈsɪəriəlaɪz] serialise (British) vt
(= adapt) → adapter en feuilleton
(= publish) → publier en feuilletonserial killer ntueur/euse m/f en sérieserial monogamy nmonogamie f en sérieserial number n [goods, car engine] → numéro m de série; [banknote] → numéro mserial port n (COMPUTING)port m série


vtin Fortsetzungen veröffentlichen; (Rad, TV) → in Fortsetzungen senden; (= put into serial form)in Fortsetzungen umarbeiten


[ˈsɪərɪəˌlaɪz] vt (Press) → pubblicare a puntate (TV/Radio) → trasmettere a puntate


(ˈsiəriːz) plural ˈseries noun
a number of usually similar things done, produced etc one after another. a series of brilliant scientific discoveries; Are you watching the television series on Britain's castles?; a series of school textbooks.
ˈserial (-riəl) adjective
1. of or in a series. serial numbers on banknotes.
2. (of a story etc) published or broadcast in parts.
a serial story, play etc.
ˈserial killer noun
a person who has murdered several people one after another.
ˈserialize, ˈserialise (-riə-) verb
to publish or broadcast as a serial.
ˌserialiˈzation, ˌserialiˈsation noun
References in classic literature ?
Falk" shares with one other of my stories ("The Return" in the "Tales of Unrest" volume) the distinction of never having been serialized.
The name was thought by the friendly editor of the popular publication where they were serialized a main part of such inspiration as they might be conjectured to have, and was, as seldom happens with editor and author, cordially agreed upon before they were begun.
Each commercial pistol will be serialized and have serialized matching coin as well as a letter of authenticity from the CEO of Sig Sauer, Taylor said.
The facilities in Brescia, Italy and Karlskoga and Uppsala, Sweden, are the latest of Recipharm's sites to be equipped to supply serialized products to the US and take the total number of facilities able to offer serialization capabilities to nine.
Beginning at the point of manufacture, a DataMatrix barcode--or 2D barcode printed as a square or rectangle--containing a serialized Global Trade Item Number (GTTN), batch/lot number and expiration date was applied to each individual product.
com)-- Acsis, a leading provider of supply chain serialization solutions, today announced that American Health Packaging (AHP), a part of AmerisourceBergen, has successfully deployed Acsis Edge for Pharma for end-to-end management of warehouse transactions and tracking of serialized items from receipt through shipping.
Inspired by Charles Dickens and the 1978 serialized novel "Tales of the City" published in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Daily Post decided to tell the story of Palo Alto through its own serialized novel, "Palo Alto Odyssey.
E-Waste may include, but not necessarily be limited to: Serialized hard drives; non-serialized hard drives Computer equipment, components, media, scrap computer plastic and metal; Communication systems and related components; Fax machines, printers, copiers and related components; Cell phones, telephones, radios, test equipment; Audio visual equipment, televisions, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, and cathode ray tubes (CRTs); Fluorescent light bulbs Microfiche/file equipment and media and Electric typewriters and electronic calculators.
Does anyone sincerely doubt that a serialized future is bearing down on the industry?
Unlike other authors who completed entire novels before serialisation, Dickens often created the episodes as they were being serialized.
Those who have chosen to invest in the technology (such as our trading partners) can read either the RFID tag or the redundant 2D bar code and are able to authenticate the serialized information.