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 (sîr′ē-ā′tĭm, -ăt′ĭm)
One after another; in a series.

[Medieval Latin seriātim, from Latin seriēs, series; see series.]


(ˌsɪərɪˈætɪm; ˌsɛr-)
in a series; one after another in regular order
[C17: from Medieval Latin, from Latin seriēs series]


(ˌsɪər iˈeɪ tɪm, -ˈɑ tɪm, ˌsɛr-)

adv., adj.
in a series; one after another.
[1670–80; < Medieval Latin seriātim <seriāt(us) arranged in order]
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Adv.1.seriatim - in a series; one after another


[ˌsɪərɪˈeɪtɪm] ADV (frm) → en serie


adv (form)der Reihe nach
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Browning, he guides the reader to his works, or division of work, seriatim, making of each a distinct and special study, and giving a great deal of welcome information about the poems, the circumstances of their composition, and the like, with delightful quotations.
To all of which flattering expressions, Mr and Mrs Kenwigs replied, by thanking every lady and gentleman, SERIATIM, for the favour of their company, and hoping they might have enjoyed themselves only half as well as they said they had.
Vniuersa autem bella, que Rodericus cum sociis suis fecit et ex eis triumphum obtinuit et quot uillas et uicos dextera ualidissima cum gladiis et cunctis armorum generibus depredatus est atque omnino destruixit, seriatim narrare perlongum esse uideretur et forsitam legentibus in fastidium uerteretur.
Without prejudice to the preliminary objections above, our seriatim reply to the Notice is as follows:
Estill distinguishes alphabetical commonplaced collections from "extracts found in a miscellany, and extracts taken seriatim from one play" (8).
18) During that time, the House of Lords did not publish reports of its decisions, seriatim or otherwise.
42) In the Court's first decade, the Justices generally delivered seriatim opinions, rather than producing an opinion for the court as a whole.
In the context of a brief history of dissent he reviews three models of ways in which courts has delivered their judgments in the course of Anglo-American jurisprudence: the English model where the seriatim delivery of the judgment of each judge individually; delivering an "opinion of the court;" and the modern US practice where judges decide individually whether to "write separately.
But to be an integrated plan, these issues should form a set of interconnected considerations rather than a list of questions to be tackled seriatim.
To observe this is merely to observe that Turner delivers history seriatim, so that the racial thinking of a philologist like Michaelis can sometimes look like a personal aberration and Spinoza's Tractatus theologico-politicus appear as an instance of his having "barreled through the door opened by La Peyrere, Grotius, Selden, and Hobbes" (60) rather than an example of what Sheldon Pollock has called the basic activity of philology: making sense of texts.
First, by their very nature, they are citywide votes, thereby reducing (if not eliminating) the pressures for NIMBY-exclusion characteristic of seriatim decisions.
Although one obvious remedy would be for the issue teams to deal with the taxpayer seriatim, this would reduce the intended efficiency of the audit and is dependent upon all of the audit teams conferring and reaching a consensus as to a collective approach.