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 (sîr′ē-ā′tĭm, -ăt′ĭm)
One after another; in a series.

[Medieval Latin seriātim, from Latin seriēs, series; see series.]


(ˌsɪərɪˈætɪm; ˌsɛr-)
in a series; one after another in regular order
[C17: from Medieval Latin, from Latin seriēs series]


(ˌsɪər iˈeɪ tɪm, -ˈɑ tɪm, ˌsɛr-)

adv., adj.
in a series; one after another.
[1670–80; < Medieval Latin seriātim <seriāt(us) arranged in order]
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Adv.1.seriatim - in a series; one after another


[ˌsɪərɪˈeɪtɪm] ADV (frm) → en serie


adv (form)der Reihe nach
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Browning, he guides the reader to his works, or division of work, seriatim, making of each a distinct and special study, and giving a great deal of welcome information about the poems, the circumstances of their composition, and the like, with delightful quotations.
To all of which flattering expressions, Mr and Mrs Kenwigs replied, by thanking every lady and gentleman, SERIATIM, for the favour of their company, and hoping they might have enjoyed themselves only half as well as they said they had.
First, by their very nature, they are citywide votes, thereby reducing (if not eliminating) the pressures for NIMBY-exclusion characteristic of seriatim decisions.
Although one obvious remedy would be for the issue teams to deal with the taxpayer seriatim, this would reduce the intended efficiency of the audit and is dependent upon all of the audit teams conferring and reaching a consensus as to a collective approach.
d Glenquest has triumphed twice over hurdles this season, scoring off 106 at Navan in November and, last time, looked in great fettle when beating Seriatim and Spacious Ski comfortably off a mark of 114 at Down Royal.
The public aggregate litigation system is assumed to yield greater efficiencies than seriatim litigation because it avoids the need for duplicative litigation of the same claim by each victim.
In-depth analyses of these various topics will for forthcoming, seriatim.
13) In many cases, there were no official statements of the Court's reasoning at all, (14) and, where we do have seriatim opinions, they represent each Justice's comments on the case--usually brief ones, as far as we can tell.
The practice of publishing dissenting opinions in common law countries originally comes from the tradition of the English courts wherein judges rendered their judgments by individual seriatim opinions.
These manuals lacked internal coherence, treating individual sins or sacraments seriatim.
map, either amendments or variances, are made seriatim.
Seriatim a Northern light Five of the 15 runners are trained in Northern Ireland and they include Seriatim, trained in Larne by Roy Wilson.