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 (sîr′ē-āt′, -ĭt)
Arranged or occurring in a series or in rows.

se′ri·ate′ly adv.


forming a series
ˈseriately adv


(ˈsɪər i ɪt, -ˌeɪt)

arranged or occurring in one or more series.
se′ri•ate•ly, adv.
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Finally, it is worth pointing out that the characteristic normal distribution we have identified bears a striking resemblance to the so-called 'battleship curves' produced when frequency seriations are carried out on individual artefact types that are chronologically sensitive.
With an international database of more than 3300 objects of 157 types from 98 occupation sites, their statistical studies and seriations have revealed 15 distinct groups of sites with similar associations of ornaments.
The assignment of sites to phases and traditions was often compromised by sampling biases and by seriations based on too few and often irrelevant attributes.
The uncertainty of categories increased when groupings were defined through single-attribute seriations of uncontrolled ceramic samples, often based solely on decoration or temper.
Modern number-crunching equipment to carry out the mechanical product of 'sequence-dating', is, of course, much more powerful than Petrie's slips of paper and Wilkinson is able to analyse and summarize the results of seriations from ceramic sequences from seven Southern Egypt sites.
In sum, both Hawaiian seriations and regional distributional patterns suggest that the morphology of fish-hook heads is stylistic, and by extension, chronologically sensitive.
The succinct discussion of Nasca ceramics (chapter 3) presents an overview of the various seriations which have been attempted and the problems which have resulted from the way the data were collected in the past.
Ceramic seriation and site reoccupation in lowland South America, Latin American Antiquity 7(3): 263-78.