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Adj.1.sericultural - of or relating to sericulture; "sericultural industry"
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Works to tasar demo unit sericultural farm at kothur village of nellore urban in spsr nellore dist.
carried out a large-scale sericultural experiment to show definitely the utility of JHs in increasing the silk production (about 30% increase).
Journal of Sericultural Science of Japan 64 (1), 415-419.
The sericulture showed different silk products, made by the peasants or the students from the schools of the different domains; woven materials and silk drawings, several varieties of silk cocoons from the Cocioc Domain, a collection that presented the silk worm in different stages of evolution, the cloths obtained after the processing on the cocoons, silk, simple and colored silk cloth; the metamorphose of the silk worms collected by the mixed school from Malini, a sericultural conspectus, made for the rational culture of the silk worms and a weaving machine made in the workshops from the Busteni Domain.
pernyi larvae were kindly provided by the Sericultural Research Institute of Henan and reared on the leaves of oak until pupation (Wei et al.
And there's also a lot of methodologies and such you know, sericultural comprehension of things.
Bray says that in sericultural regions the household depended on female sericultural skills.