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Adj.1.sericultural - of or relating to sericulture; "sericultural industry"
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Tenders are invited for Repair Of Administrative Building At Regional Sericultural Research Station Miran Sahib Jammu
The sericulture showed different silk products, made by the peasants or the students from the schools of the different domains; woven materials and silk drawings, several varieties of silk cocoons from the Cocioc Domain, a collection that presented the silk worm in different stages of evolution, the cloths obtained after the processing on the cocoons, silk, simple and colored silk cloth; the metamorphose of the silk worms collected by the mixed school from Malini, a sericultural conspectus, made for the rational culture of the silk worms and a weaving machine made in the workshops from the Busteni Domain.
The eggs of bivoltine Japanese-Chinese hybrid silkworms (31x32) were obtained from the Iran Silkworm Research Center (Rasht, Iran), and reared in the Natanz Sericultural Center (Natanz, Isfahan, Iran) under standard conditions of 25[degrees]C with a RH of 75 [+ or -] 5% and a photoperiod of 16L:8D as described by Lim et al.
Proceedings of XIXth Congress of the International Sericultural Commission, pp 568-574, Bangkok, Thailand, 1980.
6 million dollars between 1995 and 2003 to support the sericultural and livestock industries there.