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A print made by the silk-screen process.

[Latin sēricum, silk, neuter of sēricus, silken; see serge1 + -graph.]

se·rig′ra·pher (sə-rĭg′rə-fər) n.
se·rig′ra·phy (-fē) n.


someone who engages in serigraphy
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I am a self-taught serigrapher, having been obliged to figure out how it was done when asked to teach it years ago in a small Australian college.
Competing against more than 1,500 entries from printing and graphic arts companies around the country, Kolibri Art Studio, headed by owner and master serigrapher, Herta Headrick, received a gold award for "Grace of Mother Nature" by Dario Campanile, a silver award for "Crying Gift" by Mikimoto/ArtVivant and a bronze award for "Orchid's Kiss" by James Kelly.