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Any of several Eurasian or African finches of the genus Serinus having yellow or greenish plumage, especially S. serinus of Europe and northern Africa.

[French, from Old French, perhaps from Old Provençal serena, a kind of bird, from Late Latin sīrēna, from Latin sīrēn, from Greek seirēn.]


(Animals) any of various small yellow-and-brown finches of the genus Serinus, esp S. serinus, of parts of Europe and North Africa. See also canary
[C16: from French, perhaps from Old Provençal sirena a bee-eater, from Latin sīrēn, a kind of bird, from siren]


(ˈsɛr ɪn)

a small, yellowish finch, Serinus serinus, of Europe and N Africa, closely related to the canary.
[1520–30; < Middle French sere(i)n; compare Old Provençal serena, sirena bee-eater < Late Latin sīrēna, for Latin sīrēn siren]
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Noun1.serin - any of various brown and yellow finches of parts of Europeserin - any of various brown and yellow finches of parts of Europe
finch - any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
genus Serinus, Serinus - Old World finches; e.g. canaries and serins
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