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Noun1.seriocomedy - a comedy with serious elements or overtonesseriocomedy - a comedy with serious elements or overtones
comedy - light and humorous drama with a happy ending
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If someone decided to play last year's wrenching terminal-illness drama "James White" for laughs as well as tears, the results might be as wincingly uneven as "Other People," a none-too-subtle seriocomedy about a 29-year-old gay writer who returns home to care for his cancer-stricken mom.
is convinced that in Apuleius' novel we have a philosophical-rhetorical seriocomedy that is consistent with Apuleius' general agenda made explicit in his Apology, which T.
In the 1990s, gay guys were often bitchy best friends to pretty women, but Greg Kinnear's gay artist in the 1997 seriocomedy As Good As It Gets had the potential to exhibit more soul than that.
Ivan Acosta's award-winning play The Super (1982) has been praised by critics as a realist seriocomedy about exile and dislocation.
The Erotes, like many Lucianic dialogues, is a satirical seriocomedy The shallow, self-indulgent lifestyles of both speakers contrast pointedly with their idealistic speeches.
In a nutshell: Light but enjoyable seriocomedy about a selfish baseball player who has to rejoin the team, a decade after retiring, to secure his record.
Maybe Baby, a pounds 4 million project, is a seriocomedy about a couple's struggle to conceive a child.
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, made in 1972, is a seriocomedy about homosexual love.
This arresting seriocomedy deftly walks a tightrope between droll and tense over a gaping pit of crazy.
The promo package endows this seriocomedy, which concerns lies and corruption in high-government corridors at the crest of a century, with metacontemporary urgency.
A group of 30-ish friends' party weekend turns into an excuse for some group transgressions and individual soul-searching in "Milwaukee," a diverting, smoothly packaged ensemble seriocomedy from debuting director Torre Catalano.
The Canadian film musical Zero Patience and the Broadway hit Rent may have scoped out this territory, and the recent seriocomedy Playing by Heart added more fodder for hetero couples learning the HIV blues, but Jeanne and the Perfect Guy is a welcome wrinkle on the AIDS soaper.