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v. ser·mon·ized, ser·mon·iz·ing, ser·mon·iz·es
To deliver a sermon to (someone).
To deliver or speak as though delivering a sermon.

ser′mon·iz′er n.


(ˈsɜːməˌnaɪzɪŋ) or


censorious the act of talking as if delivering a sermon
References in classic literature ?
They all stared at the girl, and I remember a wonderful attraction in the reflection that here was I sermonizing away, with the money in my own pocket all the while.
The average audience, I have come to believe, wants facts rather than generalities or sermonizing.
Then the story has grown into this lie out of some sermonizing words he may have let fall about me.
Pinckney, the second half criticizes him as a political opportunist for his "healing sermonizing.
All the sermonizing, this talk of the great digital India and the dreams he shows to people.
Muslims will find the book unsatisfactory because of its christological leanings and occasional sermonizing.
This is also the first time that the UN has risen above its usual middle of the road conciliatory sermonizing and actually called the strikes 'inhuman.
Without constant reminders in the press and in emails, our ego-tripping academics, headline-hunting journalists, fund-raising Zionists and sermonizing rabbis would be deprived of much of their livelihood, perhaps of their entire raison d'etre.
In his blog, Advani first praises a sandalwood carving of Lord Krishna's Vishwaroop avatar, which he says also has a carving of "Bhishma Pitamah on his bed of arrows, sermonizing to the Pandavas".
One thing we know for sure: When it comes to sex education, sound science and fundamentalist sermonizing from the Religious Right don't mix.
At the same time, the stories transcend, each separately and in their totality, the level of easy social sermonizing and can be read as allegories of the fiction writer's profession: a blind person looking to clarify the mystery of other people, an imaginative mind following links and connections to the heart of darkness, a soul in torment thirsting for colorful, exotic dreams of another life, people reinventing themselves so often that the performative takes them over, a nosy presence into other people's privacy, someone slightly crazy who can nevertheless see truths others cannot.
For a change, one is spared the usual sermonizing on the evils of the United States' weaponization of space.