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v. ser·mon·ized, ser·mon·iz·ing, ser·mon·iz·es
To deliver a sermon to (someone).
To deliver or speak as though delivering a sermon.

ser′mon·iz′er n.


(ˈsɜːməˌnaɪzɪŋ) or


censorious the act of talking as if delivering a sermon
References in classic literature ?
They all stared at the girl, and I remember a wonderful attraction in the reflection that here was I sermonizing away, with the money in my own pocket all the while.
The average audience, I have come to believe, wants facts rather than generalities or sermonizing.
Then the story has grown into this lie out of some sermonizing words he may have let fall about me.
JRL said instead of sermonizing Omar Abdullah and NC should fulfill their moral duty and responsibility to the people of Kashmir as pro India parties and get people of Kashmir out of the situation in which they are in because of them.
And this time, we are not going to listen to any sermonizing from family planning being abortifacient and it kills children, and all that.
Pinckney, the second half criticizes him as a political opportunist for his "healing sermonizing.
Without constant reminders in the press and in emails, our ego-tripping academics, headline-hunting journalists, fund-raising Zionists and sermonizing rabbis would be deprived of much of their livelihood, perhaps of their entire raison d'etre.
With the consummate skill of the best young adult writers, Strasser avoids sermonizing as he seamlessly combines real-time information about the social and economic conditions in contemporary society with a realistic and readable story of high school life.
17 (ANI): In an attempt to tighten the noose on the Chinese media, the nation's media watchdog has issued a circular sermonizing the responsibilities and credibility of the press.
Sermonizing about violence may be politically obligatory, but without plausible alternatives and the recognition that sometimes non-violence doesn't work, it is vacuous.
A "strategist" sermonizing about Iraq or Afghanistan suddenly realizes that all that matters is the tanking economy.
Cherryh (I'm still recovering from reading Cyteen), and Octavia Butler (enough sermonizing, please