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Being a couple in which one partner has tested positive for HIV and the other has not.
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Across both communities reasons for using PrEP are growing from just individuals who are in a serodiscordant relationship (relationship where one person is HIV-positive and the other isn't) to a larger population of individuals wanting an extra layer of protection.
Acceptability, interest, concerns and preferences regarding ARV-based prevention in pill, gel and injectable format have been explored in young women in SA and female sex workers and serodiscordant couples in Kenya.
A third study showed 96% efficacy in preventing new HIV infections when the HIV-negative person in a serodiscordant couple (where one partner is living with HIV and the other is not) had access to PrEP and the HIV-positive partner had access to antiretroviral therapy.
Garner believes that as a result of PrEP, serodiscordant (or "magnetic") couples, in which one partner is positive and one partner is negative, are becoming much more common.
The new guidelines, which were developed by CDC with other federal health agencies, call for PrEP to be used by people who are at substantial risk for HIV infection: monogamous serodiscordant couples--in which one partner is HIV-positive and one is not --gay or bisexual men not in monogamous relationships who have had sex without condoms or been recently diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection, people who are unable to negotiate condom use with their partners and injection drug users.
HIV sexual transmission risk among serodiscordant couples: assessing the effects of combining prevention strategies.
Based on a transcript of the webinar interview: "PrEP-ception: Serodiscordant couples using PrEP to reduce HIV transmission risk during pregnancy," October 28, 2013, by Julia Newman, NWHN intern.
Among self-reported HIV-negative individuals, those who had disclosed were more likely to have reported unprotected anal sex with a serodiscordant or unknown serostatus partner in the previous six months (20% vs.
National Institute of Mental Health Multisite Eban HIV/STD Prevention Intervention for African American HIV Serodiscordant Couples: a cluster randomized trial.
This service should include the fight against new HIV infections (safe treatment modalities for serodiscordant couples [7]).
Trichomonads have been found in association with pelvic inflammatory disease (3), and trichomoniasis has been associated with increased HIV transmission in serodiscordant couples (4).
As mentioned there are also helpful chapters about working with specific groups such as survivors of sexual abuse and HIV serodiscordant couples (where one partner is HIV positive and the other is not).