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n. seroma, acumulación gen. subcutánea de suero sanguíneo que produce una hinchazón semejante a un tumor.
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Postimplant complications which have been more recently described, and appear to be more closely related to textured implants, are the development of a double capsule and late seroma formation.
During these procedures, a large seroma that had formed over the surgical site after each procedure was drained.
Other potential complications include: swelling, implant malposition, pain, ptosis, infection, changes in breast sensation, nipple complications, seroma, delayed wound healing, hematoma, redness, scarring, asymmetry, wrinkling/rippling, extrusion, bruising, implant palpability/visibility, upper pole fullness, and necrosis.
An incremental change in overall postoperative, digestive, hemorrhage, seroma, wound complications, or in-hospital mortality was not demonstrated as hospital volume increased.
Potential complications with liposuction, for example, include infection, embolism, puncture wounds in organs, seroma (pooling of serum where tissue was removed), swelling, skin necrosis, burns, fluid imbalance, toxicity from anesthesia, or even death (3 in every 100,000 cases).
The three major problems of classical abdominoplasty, namely seroma, skin necrosis and fat necrosis, are eliminated by LABP.
A small fluid collection at the site of left L5 was determined to suggest a small, postoperative seroma or CSF collection in this clinical setting.
Postoperative wound problems were identified using codes for hemorrhages, excisional debridement of infection, postoperative wound disruption, seroma, and hematoma complicating a procedure.
A seroma that developed at the hernia site after 1 week was treated conservatively.
The company says the 12-month follow-up data for newly created access implants demonstrates a trend towards a significant improvement in functional graft patency and reduction in seroma, as compared to historical graft data.