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n. seroma, acumulación gen. subcutánea de suero sanguíneo que produce una hinchazón semejante a un tumor.
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He has also seen patients who underwent abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) by unlicensed practitioners, and faced severe complications, including the re-opening of the wound, asymmetry, skin necrosis, hematoma - a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues - and seroma, which is a pocket of clear serous fluid developed in the body after surgery.
Complications Operative Y/N Early Y/N Related to Incision Bruising & Infection Haematoma Scrotum Genital Oedema, Orchitis & Atrophy Open technique Nerve Hydrocoele Injuries Injuries Extra- to the vas ordinary Pain Seroma Systemic General Chest Complications anaesthesia Infection Complications Local Urinary Anaesthesia Retention Complications Venous Thrombosis Complications Late Y/N Related to Incision Chronic sepsis & sinus formation Scrotum Open technique Recurrence Pain Systemic Complications
There were no statistically significant differences related to hoarseness and wound seroma between the three groups.
Published studies have shown that it has a low complication rate for issues such as infection, seroma, reconstruction failure, hematoma, and delayed wound healing that is on par with or better than other ADMs on the market.
Other adverse events associated with rhBMP-2 use include dural tears, ectopic bone formation, heterotopic ossification, implant migration, infection, intraoperative neurologic injury, osteolysis, radiculitis, retrograde ejaculation, seroma formation, and soft tissue swelling (1, 13-17).
These include surrounding organ injury (bladder, urethra, bowel), bleeding, wound infection or seroma, and pain at the site of graft harvest, as well as transient or permanent voiding dysfunction, de novo or worsening storage symptoms, urinary retention, and urethro-vaginal fistula formation.
All of which were confirmed as SRCC, which has grown through the seroma and infiltrated the nerves and vessels.
Yama kullaniminin yayginlasmasi sonrasi primer tamire oranla, nuks oranlarinin azalmasina karsilik yara yeri enfeksiyonu, seroma, fistul ve karin ici yapisikliklarda artma saptanmistir (5-9).
86%) patients developed seroma in group A and 1 (10%) case in group B.
She was admitted to the acute care hospital on August 18 with a primary diagnosis of systemic inflammatory response syndrome, likely resulting from an infected right hip seroma.
18 with a diagnosis of systemic inflammatory response syndrome resulting from an infection in her right hip seroma, the CDC said in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
The traditional way of waiting until the lumpectomy area filling with seroma is found outdated and abandoned.