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a. serosanguíneo-a, de naturaleza serosa y sanguínea.
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While the patient was anesthetized, pericardiocentesis was performed by sonographic guidance, and 4 mL serosanguineous fluid was removed.
A chest tube was placed in the right pleural space, and 550 mL of serosanguineous fluid was drained during the initial 24 hours.
5] The sampled fluid (usually serosanguineous or haemorrhagic exudate) is unlikely to contain diagnostic cytological material.
Blood or serosanguineous discharge in milk during lactation can be caused by various factors related to lactation, such as cracked nipples, mastitis, trauma or vascular engorgement.
Intra-operatively, the mass was found to contain numerous cystic spaces filled with blood and serosanguineous fluid (figure 2, B).
The cysts are lined by a ragged cuff of well-preserved neoplastic endocrine cells and filled with a clear serosanguineous fluid instead of necrotic debris.
Causes of a bloody or serosanguineous nipple discharge from a single duct include hyperplasia, papilloma, DCIS, invasive ductal carcinoma, and pregnancy.
Physical examination was significant for persistent serosanguineous drainage from the right forearm wound and a 10-cm bruise evident over the left inner thigh.
10) Pleural fluid analysis showed serosanguineous exudative changes, lowered complement levels and anti-myocardial antibodies (AMA) on immunofluorescence staining.
Atrophic vaginitis has serosanguineous or watery discharge similar to that seen with DIV, as well as an elevated vaginal pH, with a thin vagina and red petechiae, Dr.
An association with carcinoma has been seen when the discharge is clear, serous, serosanguineous, or bloody.