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Although it was reduced, vaccine serotype colonization in PCV13-vaccinated children remains persistent.
This study aimed to assess serotype distribution and antimicrobial resistance of 198 invasive and non-invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae strains that had been isolated in Bulgaria during 2011-2016 from patients with invasive (IPD) and non-invasive (NIPD) pneumococcal diseases.
To address dengue outbreak 2013 in Pakistan we aimed to conduct a comprehensive study at molecular level to determine the main causative serotype of 2013 DENV outbreak in Pakistan.
Patients who are infected with one serotype develop protective immunity against that serotype alone: however, this immunity oddly leaves patients vulnerable to severe disease if future infections are caused by a different serotype.
Salmonella, depending on the group, or serotype, can be a virulent pathogen.
All items tested negative for Salmonella, with the exception of raw, frozen chicken from prison B, which tested positive for Salmonella Enteritidis, a Salmonella serotype not identified in stool specimens from inmates at either prison.
RESULTS: In the year 2008, there was an outbreak caused by Vibrio cholera O1 El Tor Inaba serotype in Kharibari (Darjeeling district).
Each serotype of dengue virus may have a different genetic component associated with virulence but there has been no solid confirmation.
Each serotype has unique characteristics and can present with severe manifestations, in a particular population depending upon its interaction with the host response (2).