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n. cistadenoma, adenoma que contiene uno o varios quistes.
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The diagnosis of a serous cystadenoma can be made with confidence when a lesion demonstrates the classic imaging appearance of a multi lobulated external border, thin enhancing septa in a honeycomb-like appearance, and a central scar, which occasionally calcifies.
The pathology most consistent with cysts of the large-volume category and thus requiring surgery is serous cystadenoma.
15) Grossly, serous cystadenoma is a well-delineated, multiloculated mass with small individual cysts separated by thin fibrous walls (Figure 1, B and C).
Although seen in less than 20% of lesions, demonstration of a central scar by CT or MR is a highly diagnostic feature of a serous cystadenoma.
Among patients in the study, the presence of a specific superficial vascular network shown to be typical and highly characteristic of serous cystadenoma, a benign form of pancreatic cysts, was described.
The papillary appearance and the presence of psammoma bodies in ovarian papillary serous cystadenoma or cystadeno-carcinoma may mimic thyroid-type papillary carcinoma.
The most common type of cyst that was identified on pathology was serous cystadenoma, in 12 patients.
Included in their study were 26 asymptomatic patients who had a nonoperative diagnosis of serous cystadenoma, and were successfully followed without complication or malignancy for up to 38 months.
For practical use with cytology specimens, this list can be narrowed down to a little more than 10 lesions (Table 1) including ductal adenocarcinoma (and its variants), cellular epithelioid neoplasms (ie, acinar cell carcinoma, pancreatic endocrine neoplasm [specific functioning endocrine neoplasms are best defined clinically], solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm, and pancreatoblastoma) mucus-producing cystic neoplasms (ie, IPMN and MCN), serous cystadenoma, nonepithelial tumors, and metastases.
Serous cystadenoma (SCA) is a benign neoplasm composed of uniform glycogen-rich epithelial cells that form innumerable small cysts containing serous fluid.
Serous, cuboidal, clear cells with uniform, round hyperchromatic nuclei indicate a serous cystadenoma (Figure 18), which can be either microcystic or macrocystic.
Serous cystadenoma of the pancreas is an uncommon neoplasm that occasionally exhibits papillary differentiation.