serous gland

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se·rous gland

n. glándula serosa, glándula que excreta una sustancia blanca que puede contener una enzima.
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3) Only about 20% are found in the lateral wall or turbinate, (3) despite the fact that there is a significantly higher proportion of mucous and serous glands located on the lateral nasal wall.
We found that (1) in most cases, the types of epithelium were generally the same in both areas--pseudostratified cylindrical ciliated epithelium with goblet cells (respiratory epithelium), stratified cuboidal epithelium, and stratified squamous nonkeratinized epithelium; (2) the APINC had more respiratory epithelium than the APS; (3) the APS had more squamous epithelium than the APINC; (4) the basement membrane of the APINC was thicker than that of the APS; (5) moderate chronic inflammatory infiltrate was more common in the APINc, and mild infiltrate was more common in the APS; and (6) the APINC had more mucous glands and the APS had more serous glands.
The APINC had more mucous glands, and the APS had more serous glands.