service book

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serv′ice book`

a book containing the forms of worship used in divine services.
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Noun1.service book - a book setting forth the forms of church serviceservice book - a book setting forth the forms of church service
religious text, religious writing, sacred text, sacred writing - writing that is venerated for the worship of a deity
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Contract notice: Tut fire message transfer service book.
As long as the car comes with a neatly stamped service book, and you have it inspected and HPI-checked, the Boxster is a dependable and charismatic Porker, which is now looking unbelievably cheap.
Barthram admitted 10 counts of fraud and six counts relating to false service book records.
The collection also includes a dozen family photographs, Mr Bowen's drivers' licence, service book plus a touching remembrance card in memory of his mother who died in January 1937.
There are several ways in which this evidence can be provided, including a service book, statement of service from the employer or, if unable to obtain either of these, a statutory declaration.
Entwhistle, 30, of Well Lane,Gayton,Wirral, wrote the names of the two peers in the car's service book before the sale, the court had heard.
I deeply resented the way in which the new service book was imposed on a reluctant laity, but I did not consider this a sufficient reason to leave the church.
As the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is making preparations for a new service book and hymnal, it seems appropriate to take stock of what was intended and what was actually achieved in the publication of Lutheran Book of Worship in 1978.
Common Worship comes into use across Church of England parishes as the new service book on December 3, the first Sunday of Advent, and replaces the 1980 Alternative Service Book.
QI BOUGHT a second-hand Saab convertible without a service book.
About ten years before, in 1958, the American Lutheran Church (ALC) and the Lutheran Church in America (LCA) had managed some tenuous compromises in Service Book and Hymnal (SBH).