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Noun1.service bureau - a business that makes its facilities available to others for a feeservice bureau - a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee; achieves economy of scale
agency - a business that serves other businesses
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Khalaf al-Humaysat, President of the Jordanian Civil Service Bureau on behalf of Jordan.
26 -- (BNA)-- The Kingdom of Bahrain today hosts the 12th meeting of GCC Ministers and Heads of Civil Service Bureaus.
What they told him was a revelation: Instead of adopting Alliance Lite, the representatives suggested CN wait for Alliance Lite 2 (AL2), a new product SWIFT was developing that would be hosted on the cloud, could run without the aid of a service bureau and would have none of the limits on transactions and message types that held back the old Alliance Lite.
2] is now comparable to a traditional SWIFT service bureau, Vande-broek concedes, but vendors like SunGard offer more than a traditional service bureau and more than SWIFT can match today.
The main difference between xSPs and traditional service bureaus is the technology used to provide the service, but the principles discussed in this book are relevant to both.
The first step by the service bureau was to set up a triangle of communications between the customer, foundry and itself.
However, the evaluation also confirmed my longstanding impression that, in many ways, the service bureau world is stuck in a time warp.
Expanding its capacity to four SLA machines in the last four years, Metro now also operates an RP service bureau for OEMs and other molders.
This web-enabled application, combined with their service bureau expertise, made them an obvious partner to handle our fulfillment requirements.
The company uses the service bureau PR Newswire to broadcast fax to the news media, industry analysts and consultants.
An Oakland-based company with years of experience managing AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs), Public Health Service Bureau (PHSB), today issued a white paper focused on resolving inefficiencies that exist in ADAP management.
All government establishments that have particular rules to regulate the status of their employees are subject to the supervision and management oversight of the Civil Service Bureau to ensure that they comply fully with the public policy of the State in the area of civil service.