set ablaze

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Verb1.set ablaze - set fire to; cause to start burning; "Lightening set fire to the forest"
combust, burn - cause to burn or combust; "The sun burned off the fog"; "We combust coal and other fossil fuels"
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The smoke from the fire at times neglected the clay chimney and wreathed into the room, and this flimsy chimney of clay and sticks made end- less threats to set ablaze the whole establishment.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Pyotor Pavlaneski, a performance artist who once cut his ear and nailed himself to Moscow's famous Red Square to protest Russian government, this time set ablaze the main gate of Federal Security Bureau (FSB) locted in capital city of Moscow.
The single-engine propeller plane plowed into and set ablaze a row of houses just minutes after takeoff from an airport used by small aircraft about 500 meters (yards) away in Tokyo's western suburb of Chofu, AP reported.
July 6, 2015 (NIMULE) - A policeman was injured and three cargo trucks set ablaze when suspected rebels attacked a South-Sudan Uganda border town Sunday, officials said.
It has been alleged that the journalist was set ablaze on June 1 by some policemen at the behest of state's minister Ram Murti Singh Verma.
The bus involved in the accident was set ablaze by the mob.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli vandals set ablaze a bilingual Hebrew-Arabic school in al-Quds (Jerusalem), media report said.
Patna: Maoists set ablaze two mobile phone towers and a bus in Bihar's Banka district in two separate incidents, police said on Friday.
BAGHDAD / NINA/ the armed forces and the Army Aviation attacked on Tuesday the nests of terrorists and gatherings killing of / 60 / elements of them and set ablaze in / 9 / vehicles in al-Owesat, Al-Rowashid and al-Hardaniya areas north of Balad.
The office of the Bulgaria without Censorship party on Lomsko Shose Blvd in Sofia was set ablaze on Tuesday night.
We (policemen) were dispatched to Boori village to clear the road of burnt tyres," a 26-year-old officer who was set ablaze by a Molotov cocktail told prosecutors.
Police had said that activists of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, a religious group, were carrying out a protest against the recent violence in Rawalpindi when they clashed with a rival group near the imambargah which led to the trouble and the protesters set ablaze some shops.