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If the FIA finds itself overburdened, the government should give thought to creating CCUs in the provincial police set-ups in the special branch or the district intelligence branch of the respective police departments.
Best said: "I've been around a few coaching set-ups with Ulster and Ireland and this is one of the best coaching set-ups I've been involved in with any team.
Due to the different interface set-ups between the mold-filling computer-aided engineering (CAE) software and the real-world injection molding machine, it posed a tricky challenge for CAE engineers to apply the parameter set-ups in CAE software to the actual UI set-ups in real injection molding.
This saves considerable time compared to performing the job in a series of set-ups.
In response to this wide-spread problem, the company has developed its new P-Series anti-bearding spray set-ups for its VMAU line of spray nozzles.
The President termed the legislation a landmark development in strengthening democracy and ensuring free, fair and transparent elections under an independent election commission and neutral interim set-ups.
After the delays yesterday Paul completed 80 laps of the Circuit de Catalunya, split over a variety of run lengths and set-ups.
The designers of the national football centre (NFC) at Burton-on-Trent visited similar set-ups in France, Italy, Holland and Germany and were most impressed by Real Madrid's training facility.
AppDeploy, an on-line community run by KACE, a systems management appliance company, announced on 10 October that a free software tool, AppDeploy Repackager, designed to provide developers with a tool to repackage silent Windows Installer set-ups, is available in beta version on its website at AppDeploy.
It may have been 30 years ago but some of Murphy's set-ups still make for a right good laugh.
The test day, held this year in front of 20,000 spectators, is an opportunity for teams to re-acquaint themselves with the 14-kilometre track and evaluate tyres and set-ups that will be used in the race.
announced the release of eight GPX series wireless LANs with combined push-button and PIN set-ups.