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n. pl. se·tae (-tē)
1. A stiff hair, bristle, or bristlelike process or part on an organism, especially an invertebrate.
2. The stalk of a moss or liverwort capsule.

[Latin saeta, sēta, bristle.]

se′tal (sēt′l) adj.


n, pl -tae (-tiː)
1. (Biology) (in invertebrates and some plants) any bristle or bristle-like appendage
2. (Botany) (in mosses) the stalk of the sporophyte that bears the capsule
[C18: from Latin]
setaceous adj
seˈtaceously adv
ˈsetal adj


(ˈsi tə)

n., pl. -tae (-tē).
a stiff hair; bristle or bristlelike part.
[1785–95; < Latin sēta, saeta bristle]
se′tal, adj.
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Noun1.seta - stalk of a moss capsule
podetium - an organ or body resembling a stalk; especially the outgrowth of the thallus of certain lichens on which the ascocarp is borne
2.seta - a stiff hair or bristle
hair - a filamentous projection or process on an organism
chaeta - a stiff chitinous seta or bristle especially of an annelid worm
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22); apex of last antennal segment with higher setal density, with three distinct ampulla-like setae (Fig.
Setal armature of appendages is described from proximal to distal segments and in order of endopod to exopod (Clark et al.
Protibia with a dorsal setal sensillum; frontoclypeus with a sharply defined sub marginal chevron directed anteriorly llybius biguttulus (Germar) 33' Protibia without a dorsal setal sensilum; frontoclypeal chevron poorly defined .
Dorsal surface bearing only simple setae, lacking recumbent thickened or scale-like setae, these simple setae may be a mixture of erect and recumbent, but the recumbent setae not thickened or scale-like, although they may form a layer of appressed, gold-colored simple hairs beneath the more upright setal layer (Fig.
Muscat: Tragedy struck Setal village in the wilayat of Awabi on Thursday morning when Ibrahim Al Manthri, an eight-year-old boy, was washed away in a wadi after heavy rainfall.
Although the Mount Cap crustacean may have been active in the plankton (Butterfield 1994)--perhaps producing the sorts of acritarch-packed faecal strings that are known from the Little Bear biota--the various robust setal armatures suggest a lifestyle that involved benthic substrate-scraping activities, at least in part (Harvey and Butterfield 2008).
1998), the paired lobes in both genera can be interpreted as showing the position of two larval setal sacks.
The following products will be on display at the Nuplex Resins booth A-925 during ACS 2010: G-Cure acrylic polyols; Setagua waterborne products including emulsions, dispersions, alkyd emulsions and water reducible alkyds; Setalux microgel and sag control agents; and Setal alkyds and polyesters.
Legs: leg IV with 2-2-1 spine-like setal pattern on ventral aspect of the tarsus and 2-2-1-1 on the metatarsus.
and Setal Servicos Especializados, Tecnicos e Auxiliares Ltda.
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