1. A start or beginning; an outset.
a. An arrangement or display.
b. An array of food, as on a buffet table; a spread.
3. An entertaining event, such as a party.
References in classic literature ?
I haven't a single finger bowl, but this is a setout that will last me all my days, Hannah says.
CLASSY - stacks of space is available up front facing a well setout dash
With the growing demand for dried distillers' grains and soybean meal from renewable fuels, and the declining dairy industry in Missouri, MFD setout to prove large-scale dairies could work in the state.
Otherwise I could setout on my swim and end up in the Isle of Man.
New parameters for educating young people about safe driving skills have been setout for the first time and a consultation is expected later this year.
As its role goes beyond security, the nature of the platform and its positioning in front of the web server farm makes it possible to setout a Global Application Delivery Policy including both security and availability.
for example, found that 74 percent of homeowners say they participate every week, but a setout study revealed that only 43 percent of them had bins on the curb.
HM Revenue and Customs has setout expected "headcounts" at 30 North offices.
Radio programs are especially popular with college students because of strict dormitory restrictions setout by universities.
It would be excellent if nurses had confidence of the knowledge setout in this book.
When we setout, we know Alan Smith's going to Manchester United and nowhere else.
The genius of the WSF is its minimal organizational structures and yet the clearly setout rules of participation with a code of conduct.