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Noun1.settlement house - a center in an underprivileged area that provides community servicessettlement house - a center in an underprivileged area that provides community services
center, centre - a building dedicated to a particular activity; "they were raising money to build a new center for research"
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At various points in her life, Wisdom participated in the settlement house and charity organization movement, witnessed the impact of both world wars and the Great Depression, and worked within the framework of expanding state responsibility for social welfare.
Pastorello commits a good deal of space to explaining and describing just who the Progressives were--a diverse group, indeed--muckrakers, social gospelers, social and settlement house workers, club women, labor leaders, and socialists, among others.
The text introduces settlement house philosophy alongside utopian communes and craft guilds, a union of artisans that organizes individual workshops into a business.
It is the first of several events that will be put on by TIGAR YPN throughout the 2014 year to benefit The Settlement House and Joe Dominguez American Legion Post 742.
By 1960 the sisters found it necessary to cease their settlement house ministries and close both Madonna House and Ave Maria House.
With every new settlement house approved, the position of moderates in the Palestinian camp becomes more untenable.
What makes the settlement house agency unique is not only its legacy of service but also that Mr.
Starting in Chicago as a cofounder of the nation's first settlement house, Hull House--a community center where people of all classes and ethnicities could gather--Addams became a grassroots organizer and a partner of trade unionists, women, immigrants, and African Americans seeking social justice.
Each OST program is operated by a nonprofit organization and is located in a school, community center, settlement house, religious center, cultural organization, library, or a public housing or Parks facility.
Significantly, the settlement house movement--an important origin in community service-learning historiography--was uniquely instrumental in the shaping of long-term attitudes and policy in U.
As shows moved from rural fairs to urban settlement house clinics,
Even a reader who knows the outlines of Jane Addams's life--the tragic early loss of her mother and then father; the troubled relations with her stepmother; the disappointment of early academic and professional ambitions; and the profound, drawn-out crisis of her young adulthood and its personal and political resolution in the founding of Hull House, a settlement house in an immigrant working-class Chicago neighborhood--will be captivated by Knight's retelling.