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 (sĕv′ər-ə-bəl, sĕv′rə-)
1. Capable of being severed or separated.
2. Law Capable of being separated into legally distinct rights or obligations that can be enforced independently, as in a contract where not all promises must be performed before legal action can be taken to enforce some portion.

sev′er·a·bil′i·ty n.


(Law) law capability of being separated, as of a clause in an agreement
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Legality and Severability The parties actions under the Contract shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, court orders and governmental agency orders.
This differs from surplus land, which lacks potential of severability, and therefore, has the same highest and best use as the remainder track It should be noted that the use of the words "parcel," "tract," and "site" are employed interchangeably throughout this article.
The bill includes a severability clause so that if any part of the bill is found unconstitutional, then all of the other provisions will remain intact.
To promote effective competition and reduce risk for the program, this program's Special Technology efforts are awarded with one-year increments, allowing for progress assessments and severability if goals are not met, deliberate termination of poorly performing efforts, and funds reallocation to other priorities.
110) This, in turn, raises the so-called severability doctrine.
The severability of insureds is allowed, though a provision is commonly added that the limit of liability does not increase.
The state hopes the court will rule that the case has no standing, but if the court does grant an injunction, the state cited a severability clause to argue that the injunction could only invalidate the parts of the law the court deemed unconstitutional, not the entire law.
Special coverage features: Defense outside the limit available, enhanced severability, modified hammer clause, punitive damages coverage on most favorable venue basis, iduciary and crime.
down that road is to identify the severability analysis that the Court
John Carona, R-Dallas, and supported by the Texas Wholesale Beer Distributors, and included a series of changes to the Alcoholic Beverage code, focusing on severability, reach-back pricing and distribution.
All three bills also contain a severability clause, which states that if certain provisions are held to be unconstitutional, the other provisions are unaffected.