(sĕv′ər-əl-fōld′, sĕv′rəl-)
1. Having several parts or members.
2. Being several times as much or as many.

sev′er·al·fold′ adv.


1. having several parts
2. several times as large as, as great as, or as many as something


(ˈsɛv ər əlˌfoʊld, ˈsɛv rəl-)

1. comprising several parts or members.
2. several times as great or as much: a severalfold increase.
3. in severalfold measure.
References in periodicals archive ?
This year the number of municipal entities of the region that want to participate in the improvement of yards and public spaces has increased severalfold.
Our team's objectives are severalfold in that, firstly, we want to deliver to the people of the North East an amazing exhibition of independent film.
As summer sea ice extent decreases emission fluxes of sea salt, marine primary organic aerosols and DMS are likely to increase severalfold, with DMS emissions increasing the most (Browse et al.
This problem has increased severalfold since the introduction of 48-hour declarations.
However, he emphasized that Lebanon has the potential to increase severalfold the size of the economy.
ORLANDO -- A second, confirmatory major study has shown that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease independently increases the risk of sudden cardiac death severalfold.
The two-month-long journey had intensified her sense of being "far away" severalfold, though she could not express how this made her feel as eloquently as Solzhenitsyn.
This long-term decline in stock ownership among the young occurred in a period in which stocks, despite volatility, appreciated in value by severalfold.
Paul McGinley's stock has risen severalfold since he captained Europe to Ryder Cup victory last year and he's been seen recently beaming from an ad promoting his golf academy, at Qunta do Lago on Portugal's beautiful Algarve coast.
Bhopal preceded these, but the development monstrosity has grown severalfold today.
As depicted, VAT leptin mRNA concentration was severalfold higher in MSG than in CTR rats (P < 0.