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 (sĕv′ər-əl, sĕv′rəl)
1. Being of a number more than two or three but not many: several miles away.
2. Respectively different; various: They parted and went their several ways. See Synonyms at distinct.
3. Law Regarded as separate, especially with regard to tort liability or legal obligation, such that each individual involved is fully responsible for the liability or obligation.
4. Archaic Single; distinct: "Pshaw! said I, with an air of carelessness, three several times" (Laurence Sterne).
pron. (used with a pl. verb)
An indefinite but small number; some or a few: Several of the workers went home sick.

[Middle English, separate, from Anglo-Norman, from Medieval Latin sēparālis, sēperālis, from Latin sēpar, from sēparāre, to separate; see separate.]

sev′er·al·ly adv.


1. separately, individually, or distinctly
2. each in turn; respectively


(ˈsɛv ər ə li, ˈsɛv rə-)

1. separately; singly.
2. respectively.
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Adv.1.severally - apart from others; "the clothes were hung severally"
2.severally - apart from others; "taken individually, the rooms were, in fact, square"; "the fine points are treated singly"
3.severally - in the order given; "the brothers were called Felix and Max, respectively"




[ˈsɛvrəlɪ] adv (liter) → separatamente, individualmente
References in classic literature ?
The surviving members of the family came severally every few minutes to the casket and wept above the placid features beneath the glass.
He should consider the bearing of all these things which have been mentioned severally and collectively upon virtue; he should know what the effect of beauty is when combined with poverty or wealth in a particular soul, and what are the good and evil consequences of noble and humble birth, of private and public station, of strength and weakness, of cleverness and dullness, and of all the soul, and the operation of them when conjoined; he will then look at the nature of the soul, and from the consideration of all these qualities he will be able to determine which is the better and which is the worse; and so he will choose, giving the name of evil to the life which will make his soul more unjust, and good to the life which will make his soul more just; all else he will disregard.
I understand both these sides to be not only returns, but parts of the front; and to be uniform without, though severally partitioned within; and to be on both sides of a great and stately tower, in the midst of the front, that, as it were, joineth them together on either hand.
They would have run away severally had they dared; but fear kept them together, and kept them close by John, as if his daring helped them.
Two parties were immediately set on foot to proceed severally under the command of Messrs.
While the old lady had been speaking Tess and the other maid, in obedience to her gestures, had placed the fowls severally in her lap, and she had felt them over from head to tail, examining their beaks, their combs, the manes of the cocks, their winds, and their claws.
These two characters are not always received in the world with the different regard which seems severally due to either; and which one would imagine mankind, from self-interest, should show towards them.
At least half a dozen more were severally drawn forth from the same box, and surveyed with equal pleasure; besides rings, brooches, bracelet, and other articles of jewellery, of such magnificent materials, and costly workmanship, that Oliver had no idea, even of their names.
Thus addressing his master, Sam took him by the arm, and led him off, while the rival editors were severally removed to their beds by the landlord, under the inspection of Mr.
After the removal of the cloth, and the singing of Non Nobis (beautifully executed, and in which we were at no loss to distinguish the bell-like notes of that gifted amateur, WILKINS MICAWBER, ESQUIRE, JUNIOR), the usual loyal and patriotic toasts were severally given and rapturously received.
Evans is praying the court to order the respondents jointly and severally to immediately and unconditionally release the said properties.
He was shot severally in the chest," Trans Nzoia East OCPD Jackson Mwenga told the star on phone.