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We highlight that many proposals set out in the draft have received support, such as incorporating the permanence of the Welsh devolved institutions into law, placing the Sewel Convention [under which the Assembly can permit the Westminster Parliament to introduce laws on its behalf] on a legislative basis and the transfer of powers concerning energy, transport and electoral reform.
The Scottish Government continues to have concerns in the following areas:The Bill does not codify the Sewel Convention as it has operated since 1999,There remain restrictions on the Scottish Parliament s powers to make all matters relating to the arrangements and operations of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government ,The UK Government can still effectively veto the exercise of devolved powers over Universal Credit and there are constraints in the devolution of social security discretionary payments,There is not yet an amendment to give the Scottish Parliament new powers to create benefits in devolved areas,There is not full devolution of Crown Estate,There are significant restrictions on employment support, particularly the restriction to programmes that last at least 12 months.
The Metropolitan Police say there isn't enough evidence to charge Lord Sewel who was caught on film snorting cocaine with prostitutes.
DISGRACED peer Lord Sewel will not face charges over his alleged drugs and prostitutes shame after police ruled there was "insufficient evidence".
DISGRACED peer Lord Sewel is to face no charges over his alleged drugs and hookers shame after police ruled there was "insufficient evidence".
LORD Sewel will not face charges over allegations of drug-related offences after the Metropolitan Police said there was "insufficient evidence to proceed" with its investigation.
If Lord Sewel wants to covert with prostitutes while snorting an illegal substance, then let's put it into its proper prospective.
Publication of the honours list was delayed after the scandal over Lord Sewel, who was pictured apparently wearing a bra and snorting cocaine with two prostitutes.
The issue of Lords' expenses has been in the spotlight after Lord Sewel, the former deputy speaker of the Lords, was forced to resign after a video apparently showed him taking drugs with prostitutes.
The authority of the House of Lords is totally undermined if there is no method of removing people who have been found guilty, in a court of law, like Lord Archer, or caught on camera sniffing cocaine like Lord Sewel.
Lord John Sewel is a member of the House of Lords, Britain's second chamber, comprised mainly of men and women placed there by nomination of the political parties elected to the House of Commons.
We wouldn't want legislators like Lord Sewel, who gives peer of the realm a whole new meaning by eyeing up prostitutes.