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Noun1.sewer line - a main in a sewage system
main - a principal pipe in a system that distributes water or gas or electricity or that collects sewage
sewage system, sewage works, sewer system - facility consisting of a system of sewers for carrying off liquid and solid sewage
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The sewer authority is also getting ready to bid out a project to rehabilitate two manholes and about 460 feet of sewer line on Route 307 near the Scranton scenic overlook.
12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- If homeowners believe their sewer line has been in some way compromised, they should schedule an inspection with a Parker & Sons plumbing professional.
Parke said if the overflow happens rapidly during a rain, it means the water has crossed from a storm drain directly into a sewer line, while a slower overflow is the result of water seeping through the ground.
WORCESTER -- When the Cambridge Street sewer line was constructed around 1888, Grover Cleveland was president of the United States, and it had been less than 25 years since the conclusion of the Civil War.
1 with, Rs 75 million on remodeling of Chibban water channel and Rs 605 million on laying of sewer line at Bao Wala.
with, Rs 75 million on remodelling of Chibban water channel and Rs 605 million on laying of sewer line at Bao Wala.
Q: I have a much-loved, old red maple whose roots cause chronic blockage in my sewer line.
Water & Sewer Line Construction Industry-Industry & Market Report" report to their offering.
New York, Feb 22 (ANI): A plumber rescued a 10,000-dollar wedding ring from the sewer line after a Pennsylvania woman accidentally flushed it down the toilet.
The gas line was run through the home's sewer line during an infrastructure project that took place in 1999.
Gurgaon residents have complained about the lack of storm water drains and the delay in laying a master sewer line along the Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway.
Run a northeast sewer line from Eagle Rock north to near the Los Angeles Zoo, running west of the Los Angeles River west through Griffith Park.