sewer water

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Noun1.sewer water - water mixed with waste mattersewer water - water mixed with waste matter  
waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product - any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted; "they collect the waste once a week"; "much of the waste material is carried off in the sewers"
sewage, sewerage - waste matter carried away in sewers or drains
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The refinery is to have a 33 MCF/d hydrogen plant, a 35,000 b/d isomerisation unit, a 55,000 b/d CCR, a 195 t/d sulphur recovery unit, an 820 g/minute diglycolamine plant, a 225 g/minute sewer water stripper unit, etc.
WASA will also install disposal stations to dispose of the sewer water to the adjoining drains.
Tenders are invited for Rehabilitation of sewer system at Sasthri Nagar to prevent the entry of sewer water to Killi River.
Great news for customers: Enough leaks fixed to supply three cities 4,700 fewer properties flooded by sewer water Cleaner water at more than 50 beaches
The city of about 105,000 people has become the butt of late-night jokes and the subject of shocked headlines since officials decided to turn to treated sewer water to fill residents' drinking glasses.
Haya Water is also offering a 'manual service' to empty the sewer water from private houses but sending a tanker to your house does not come for free.
Severn Trent Water has pledged to help protect six homes in Lighthorne Heath which has been hit by overflowing sewer water during bouts of heavy rain.
As California's drought worsens, Escondido city officials are considering exploring a new technology that transforms sewer water into clean drinking water.
Summary: The water desalination and sewer water treatment plant was inaugurated in Tahala agricultural project of Tahala basic people's congress of Ghat Shabia.
My concern is without the scientific studies being done, a decision will be made prematurely on what they're going to make the (Santa Clarita Valley) Sanitation District do to comply with what they consider a proper amount of chloride being released into sewer water,'' said Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem Marsha McLean.
The GWR System will take highly treated sewer water from the Orange County Sanitation District, currently sent to the ocean, and will purify it to near-distilled water quality.
He had noticed at the Asia Plateau centre how sewer water had been recycled to irrigate the gardens.