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Noun1.sewing room - a room set aside for sewingsewing room - a room set aside for sewing    
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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My little sewing room looks out on the harbor, and I sit at its window and feast my eyes.
A second staircase leads from the hallway to a rear landing giving access to a family bathroom, a huge 30ft studio and in turn a 28ft sewing room.
There is even a sewing room and a new sewing machine, a Christmas gift from Richard.
There are five bedrooms on the first floor, two with en-suite bathrooms, a further family bathroom and sewing room.
The prison reopened on Saturday after getting a new name and a million dollar makeover that included a gym, barbershop, greenhouses, computer chat-room, a playground, and a sewing room, the Daily News reports.
But when she is not working, Sandra likes to take refuge in the little sewing room at her house in Newport.
ManSpace is a call to action for men: a call to build a 'personal space' outside of the usual woman-controlled home, where you can keep your stuff without fear of its being converted to a 'more useful' nursery or sewing room.
color) Shoshana Enosh, foreground, owner of Shosha in Reseda which makes Judaica prayer shawls and wedding canopies/kipot is shown with her main seamstresses, Rosa Mendoza, background, and Irma Rubio, center, in the design and sewing room of her small shop.
There is a 49 position sewing room, a pressing room, a beading and headpiece room as well as a jewelry area and an enormous reception and waiting room.
We turned our recreation porch into a sewing room, rented ten sewing machines, and taught the campers how to use them.
Marge laments: "Well, I always wanted a sewing room, but not like this.
Abbott is at pains to draw attention to the almost 300 women workers: 12 in the gilding room, 100 in the sewing room, 150 in the gathering and folding room, and 30 in the press room, and further, "Every visitor who sees these girls at their work is struck with the extreme rapidity and dexterity of their movements, and with the healthy, and happy, and highly attractive appearance which they themselves and the scene of their labors exhibit.