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Noun1.gender role - the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness; "your gender role is the public expression of your gender identity"
role - normal or customary activity of a person in a particular social setting; "what is your role on the team?"
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If either partner sees the other as having a pre-assigned sex role, then an artificial and destructive limit can be placed on sexual intimacy.
uk promises enlightening encounter from sex role of Box office FORMER Warwick University lecturer Germaine Greer heads back to Coventry tomorrow for 40 Years Of Feminism.
In support of this hypothesis, a significant negative correlation was found between sex role egalitarianism and hypermasculinity (r = -.
Changes in sex role stereotyping in Caldecott Medal Award picture books 1938-1988.
Subsequent research paid attention to the determinants of relative influence and thus to the decision roles; for example, Rosen and Granbois (1983) found that sex role attitudes (whether traditional or not) and education were the most relevant determinants.
We should not regard coyness as the only natural female sex role, just as we should not expect that it is always the natural male sex role to mindlessly accept any mating partner," Bro-Jorgensen relates.
Such concepts have also influenced some thoughts among social scientists for example sex role theorists have a biological influence in defining gender (Kimmel 2004).
According to psychologist Marsha Weinraub, children typically become aware of adult sex role differences by the time they're 3, and gender identity follows closely behind.
As the WorkLife Law report stated, "'Employees are punished not because of their sex, but because of their sex role.
The concept of sex role was being used by women academics as a bridge to the women's movement; it was the concept which feminists were using to develop new orientations to change as women (e.