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Noun1.sexcapade - a sexual escapade; an illicit affair
escapade, lark - any carefree episode
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So what's interesting about Dorfman's second book are not just her sexcapades and her post-TV quests for love, but her internal struggle to realize she doesn't need a man to make her happy .
Two Thanksgivings bookend this tale: The second one is harmonious and happy, but getting there involves a deadly car accident, an affair between a professor and his brother's wife, murder, internet sexcapades and a lost short-story collection by Richard Nixon.
Minimally showing up for classes at a Midwest college, Paul spends much time hunting for sexcapades, free coffee, and food.
The revelation led to an avalanche of women coming forward claiming they too had extramarital affairs with him and he was accused of taking part in wild sexcapades with porn stars.
Woods in wild sexcapades with The turning point came ber 25, 2009, when it was e has been having a longionship with New York manager Rachel Uchitel.
But, hey, what about lawyer Rodrigo Duterte who constantly brags about his peccadillos and sexcapades with different women?
com/culture/interviews/a42486/kit-harington-cherchez-la-femme/) Elle magazine, the "Game of Thrones" star was asked about Jon Snow's sexcapades on the HBO show, namely having lost his virginity to Ygritte (Rose Leslie) in a cave in Season 3.
Even sexcapades failed to spice up Davis in the press and public mind.
And considering Bill Clinton's well-known sexcapades and involvement with other women--including the multiple women who have accused him of sexual assault over the years--that certainly seems to be an accurate characterization.
Moving from the extraordinary to the banal, we encounter stories of religious ecstasy, fables, ghost tales, love stories, domestic tragedies, and a few raunchy sexcapades.
THE LUDHIANA police has arrested a woman tutor and her two brothers on charge of sexually exploiting a minor boy and filming their sexcapades.
com)-- •The main character has been sentenced to online dating rehab after being arrested for her sexcapades in a public fountain.