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n. Informal
A woman considered to be sexually alluring.


slang a person, esp a young woman, considered as being sexually very attractive



Informal. someone who is especially sexy.
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Noun1.sexpot - a young woman who is thought to have sex appeal
fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman - a young woman; "a young lady of 18"


[ˈsekspɒt] N (hum) → cachonda f
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IT was a case of Dubai Oh My as sultry sexpot Nadia Forde strutted her stuff.
Celebrity gossipers have accused Maya of posing for the photos as part of a desperate attempt to prove that she's hotter than fellow Lebanese sexpot, Haifa Wehbe.
The Black Swan beauty, who has posed as a 60s sexpot in a skimpy t-shirt and knickers for Allure magazine, said that she was single for four years, which she says was an amazing time, the Mirror reported.
THIS The saucer-eyed sexpot plays Jill, a waitress who, a year before, escaped the evil clutches of a serial killer.
CORONATION Street sexpot Rosie Webster will have her own TV show after it proved a hit on the web.
THE union between pop royalty ROCHELLE WISEMAN of the Saturdays and JLS sexpot MARVIN HUMES continues apace.
Think of crossover artists such as Shania Twain, before she turned into a chart-topping sexpot, and Faith Hill.
If being pretty really mattered in football, then we might as well hand over the Premier League trophy in August to Jessica Alba or some other Hollywood sexpot (Arsenal would still finish second, though.
Bored sexpot housewife Joyce Monroe (Michela Meazza) even looks to seduce him in a scene that Bourne stages as a hilarious jumble of limbs, blades and a conveniently vibrating washing machine.
Bowen and Bell portray two very different MTQs--Jeff is cool and exacting; Hunter is a pudgy, red-haired sexpot.
Inspired by the author's sleepy California Gold Rush town of Sonora, CAMPUS SEXPOT is a blend of memoir and novel, and it's hard to easily place it: just file it under 'hilarious' and 'fun', as it provides a rollicking look at Carkeet's roots by taking a sleazy look at his 'nowhere' home town: an innocent small town by day turned to den of passion by night.
The spinning bottle of Newcy Brown came to a halt on our very own Scouse sexpot Jen.