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sext 1

also Sext  (sĕkst)
n. Ecclesiastical
1. The fourth of the seven canonical hours.
2. The time of day set aside for this service, usually the sixth hour, or noon.

[Middle English sexte, from Late Latin sexta, from Latin sexta (hōra), sixth (hour), feminine of sextus, sixth; see s(w)eks in Indo-European roots.]

sext 2

A sexually explicit digital message or image, especially a photograph or video of oneself, usually transmitted by cell phone.
v. sext·ed, sext·ing, sexts
1. To send a sext to (someone): sexted her boyfriend.
2. To send a sext of (something): sexted photos to his girlfriend.
To send a sext: sext with an ex.

[Blend of sex and text, to send text messages.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) chiefly RC Church the fourth of the seven canonical hours of the divine office or the prayers prescribed for it: originally the sixth hour of the day (noon)
[C15: from Church Latin sexta hōra the sixth hour]


a sexually explicit text messagea text message containing an invitation to have sex
to send (someone) such a text message
[C21: a blend of sex + text]
ˈsexting n


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church an official compilation of decretals issued by Boniface VIII in 1298 to supplement the five books of the Liber Extra. It forms part of the Corpus Juris Canonici. In full: Liber Sextus



the fourth of the seven canonical hours, or the service for it, orig. fixed for the sixth hour of the day taken as noon.
[1375–1425; late Middle English sexte, syxt < Medieval Latin sexta (hōra) sixth (hour)]
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Noun1.sext - the fourth of the seven canonical hours; about noon
canonical hour - (Roman Catholic Church) one of seven specified times for prayer
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Comedian Smart Joker is at pains to explain how racy sexts between him and a female companion were leaked online.
Many females admit that they send sexts out of a desire for approval (Walrave et al.
Studies of American young adults (age [greater than or equal to]18) and university students have found 30% to 60% have sent sexts, and >40% have received a sext.
a We do flirt occasionally but sometimes we might flirt more with other people than each other b Yes, we like to build up the sexual tension throughout the day with sexts and flirty comments c We have no time for flirting - what with the stress of work, children, money worries and everything else 5 Do you still passionately kiss your partner?
Storyville: Weiner - Sexts, Scandals and Politics BBC Four, 9pm In May 2011 married New York congressman Anthony Weiner logged into his Twitter account and publicly shared a link to a revealing picture.
com, 2008) showed that 20% of adolescents and 33% of young adults have sent or posted nude or seminude sexts of themselves.
Finally, three items explored the modes of transmission used for sexting different types of content; "When you send [(1) word-based sexts, (2) semi-nude, or (3) nude photos/ videos] what device or platform do you usually use?
I regret sending those sexts as I may have messed up with the one I like.
Sexting has been framed as an issue of pathological identity: There is a certain person who sexts, and that person is broken, ill, undeveloped, wrong.
Tablet contributor Molly Oswaks profiles Sasha Spielberg, 24, and Emily Goldwyn, 25, the writers and stars of "Literally Can't Even," the first scripted series on Snapchatthe social media platform formerly best known for facilitating sexts that conveniently disappear after a few secondsin this week's New York Times Style section.
2012), a large majority of teens report that the intended recipient of their private sexts did not distribute the images.
However, being your relationship expert and in[euro]delity analyst, I have to query the 30% and wonder how many of those sexts were actually sent to their partners, and how many were sent to other people's partners