sexual attraction

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Noun1.sexual attraction - attractiveness on the basis of sexual desire
attractiveness, attraction - the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts; "her personality held a strange attraction for him"
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Asexuality: An orientation characterized by an absence of sexual attraction or desire for partnered sex.
Brought together by their love of good coffee -- not to mention some sexual attraction -- the two men begin a relationship.
10) Finally, the sexual attraction question asked: "People are different in their sexual attraction to other people.
Heterosexuality is sexual attraction or sexual behaviour between persons of the opposite sex.
The pair deny they are committing incest but are experiencing the phenomena known as genetic sexual attraction, a condition documented since the 1980s.
Judge Robert Adams said: "He says he did this as a rather extreme joke and the circumstances indicate this was a prank or joke, not based on any sexual attraction he has.
He describes how sexual attraction differs from other forms of interpersonal attraction, how women and men respond to different aspects of each other, and how the fundamental aspect of attraction is allure, while also considering the experience of sexual attraction in the context of relationships to strangers, cross-sex friends, sexual friends, and types of romantic partners.
Sexual Attraction in Therapy: Clinical perspectives on moving beyond the taboo--A guide for training and practice
what sex[es] are you sexually active with), sexual attraction (e.
And as the pair continue to work together, it becomes increasingly obvious they have more than just business on their minds and what was once a bit of harmless flirting has been upped into a sizzling sexual attraction.
Based on a true story, Michael Sheen, pictured, plays Dr William Masters, a leading US obstetrician, interested in the nature of human sexual attraction.
Sparks of sexual attraction between Ginsberg and Carr are continually extinguished by Carr's relationship with one of the teachers, David Kammerer (Michael C Hall), who writes all of the student's essays.

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