sexual perversion

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Noun1.sexual perversion - an aberrant sexual practice;
paraphilia - abnormal sexual activity
sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice - activities associated with sexual intercourse; "they had sex in the back seat"
anal intercourse, anal sex, buggery, sodomy - intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman
oral sex, head - oral stimulation of the genitals; "they say he gives good head"
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It manifests itself in many ways-, from simple mood changes and mental conflicts to all types of neurosis, dementia, hysteria, epilepsy, depression, kleptomania, idiocy, religious or suicidal paranoia, amnesia, sexual deviation, cruelty, and other issues.
Nevertheless, in 1968 the DSM II only differentiated 'sexual deviation' from 'personality disorders'--with homosexuality included under sexual deviation.
She also manages to shed light upon the intrinsic debilities of both societies: the underlying negativity and hypocrisy of Icelandic small-mindedness and the pervasive hypocrisy of English aristocrats and diplomatic personnel whose moral weaknesses, sexual deviation, and illegitimacy continue to be disguised, ignored, or purposefully hidden from public view.
In doing so, they paradoxically define sexuality by juxtaposing it with the process of artistic creation, as evident in their association with Orpheus and Pygmalion, who are both symbols of artistic creation and sexual deviation.
The couple would wrap the girls' heads in tape and force breathing tubes into their nostrils to prolong their agony while he indulged in all manner of sexual deviation.
Loader concludes with a discussion of the setting of Second Temple Judaism and its concerns with sexuality in heaven, sexual deviation and the demonic influences (going back to Genesis 6 again), and the problem of the dominance of men versus the inferiority, denigration, and disempowerment of women.
Financial problems and poverty workplace One important factor in producing all kinds of sexual deviation, including theft and diversion in humans, especially children and adolescents.
From approximately 1947 onward, the Canadian media provided the public with a steady stream of information on sexual deviation.
who also was one of the few in the medical field that did not hold homosexual to be any sort of abnormal sexual deviation.
They said the list, drawn up by a "committee of experts," bans any site that contains pornography, prostitution, sexual deviation or anything considered to be "contrary to the morals of society" in the Islamic Republic.
The suspect possibly suffers from sexual deviation, so we will send him to a psychiatrist,'' he added.
His sexual deviation is "utterly condemnable, but he was quite open.