sexual inversion

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Noun1.sexual inversion - a term formerly used to mean taking on the gender role of the opposite sex
gayness, homoeroticism, homosexualism, homosexuality, queerness - a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the same sex
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In his 1897 text, Sexual Inversion, Ellis argues that sexual orientation is "a phenomenon which is based on congenital conditions" (129).
In the 1927 or third edition of Sexual Inversion, which is the second of the ultimately six volumes and the one first written and published, he remarks:
This volume begins with acknowledgments (ix-xii) and an introduction (xiii-xxii) and contains eight sections: "Pioneering on the Theatrical Frontier: Augustin Daly's Early Ventures" (1-30); "A Troubled Republic: Daly and His Leading Ladies" (31-72); "Birds of a Feather: The Queer Theatrical Empire of Charles Frohman and Maude Adams" (73-104); "Through Fairy and Fowl: Civilization by Sexual Inversion on Frohman's Imperial Stages" (105-42); "A Priestly Acting Pedagogy: David Belasco's Quest for Sexual Knowledge" (143-76); "Drilling Her in the Emotional Parts: David Belasco Trains Mrs.
Exposing domination and same-sex eroticism as the undeclared basis for heterosexuality and sexual normalization in both enslavement and in developing theories of sexual inversion, my paper moves into the analysis of a much overlooked scene in Jacobs's Incidents--one in which a male slave, Luke, undergoes an extended period of sexual abuse by his male master.
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1999) for red grouper, female and male black grouper were classified as resting, ripening, ripe-running, or spent, and fish in the process of sexual inversion were classified as transitional.