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The sexual practice involves a man stroking a woman's clitoris for fifteen minutes.
JUST when you thought you had the whole under-duvet sweaty stuff sussed out, along comes a whole new sexual practice called Karezza.
But as with any sexual practice, it you don't like it and don't want it, then SAY SO
HEALTH care workers are handing out condoms to people taking part in the sexual practice of dogging, a trust has admitted.
Religiosity also comes up; sexual practice is conflated with religious prerogatives.
This meditation likely began as a sexual practice to rejuvenate the brain and evolved to become a spiritual practice as the qi was observed to spiral up the spine and down the chest, blending the fire and water qi of the body and eventually causing the Original Spirit to crystallize in the lower elixir field of the belly.
Is there any sexual practice so extreme that it hasn't found its niche online, where videos featuring it are profitably marketed and where its ins and outs are analyzed in minute detail by its fans?
The accused men did not, typically, deny that they committed the offences but argued that, given the island's unique history and long-standing adherence to Polynesian sexual practice (which has traditionally permitted sexual consent at age twelve), it was simply inappropriate to impose English moral values, and the legal code which supports those values, upon the island.
The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore and describe what adolescents view as being safer or risky sex practice, and to differentiate between their sexual practice by gender and sexual experience.
Chapter Three, 'Public Sex and the Creation of a Queer Sex Agenda', addresses the sexual practice that is, according to the author, a 'quintessential male demand' (57).
High-risk populations include those who have multiple sexual partners, unknown partners, or partners who engage in any high-risk sexual practice.
Referring to campaigns to allow the same rights for same-sex couples when it comes to marriage, he insisted it all came down to sexual practice.