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1. A device, usually one of a pair connected to a chain, that encircles the ankle or wrist of a prisoner or captive.
2. A hobble for an animal.
3. Any of several devices, such as a clevis, used to fasten or couple.
4. often shackles A restraint or check on action or progress: "throwing off the puritanical shackles" (Ben Yagoda).
tr.v. shack·led, shack·ling, shack·les
1. To put shackles on (someone); confine with shackles.
2. To fasten or connect with a shackle.
3. To restrict, confine, or hamper. See Synonyms at hobble.

[Middle English schackel, from Old English sceacel, fetter.]

shack′ler n.
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Adj.1.shackled - bound by chains fastened around the ankles
bound - confined by bonds; "bound and gagged hostages"
References in classic literature ?
The ability also of the Irish parliament to maintain the rights of their constituents, so far as the disposition might exist, was extremely shackled by the control of the crown over the subjects of their deliberation.
A vessel in the Channel has her anchors always ready, her cables shackled on, and the land almost always in sight.
But there was never a chance, never a moment, when he might run free of a cage about him, of the walls of a room restricting him, of a chain shackled to the collar about his throat.
There is no wilderness where I can hide from these things, there is no haven where I can escape them; though I travel to the ends of the earth, I find the same accursed system--I find that all the fair and noble impulses of humanity, the dreams of poets and the agonies of martyrs, are shackled and bound in the service of organized and predatory Greed
Then the first guardsman was upon me and the fight was on, but scarce did we engage ere, to my horror, I saw that the red slaves were shackled to the floor.
Since March 1, authorities have shackled prisoners in Building 7 whenever they leave their cells.
In 2006, as part of a National Juvenile Defender Center assessment team, Martinez said he was shocked to witness an 11-year-old girl only 3-foot-7-inches tall shackled with handcuffs and a belly chain connected to both handcuffs and leg irons, as she was led to juvenile court at Tallahassee's Leon County Courthouse.
Summary: Defendant, 2 minor friends shackled boy in villa while they played on the PlayStation
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Golra police has recovered a house maid and his husband from the basement of a house in sector E-11 who were shackled by their owners for demanding the salary.
The author found that not all New York facilities were complying with the law: 23 of 27 women who gave birth between 2009 and 2013 were inappropriately shackled at least once.
Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, my hands and feet were shackled to the ambulance bed.
The guards stated that they had a court order banning visitors and instructing that he be shackled at all times.