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adj. shad·i·er, shad·i·est
1. Full of shade; shaded: found a cool, shady spot under some trees. See Synonyms at dark.
2. Casting shade: a large, shady elm.
3. Of dubious character, morality, or legality; questionable: "men who could indulge in any shady deal in downtown offices and still pose as beneficent angels ... on the golf course" (Louis Auchincloss).

shad′i·ly adv.
shad′i·ness n.
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But as of late, Jason and Alex have been told that Christmas' real plan is to backdoor Kevin Schlehuber since they think he's been acting shadily for the past couple of weeks.
I tried to forgive him but he acts shadily and suspiciously instead of trying to reassure me.
Hey, we know what you're shadily doing, so stop pretending to be doing the public a service when you're just making more money on the side